Saturday, May 31, 2003

my brother went missing, it was very exciting really. i knew they werent really in danger of any sort. every one was panicing. mums and das all ringing each other, "its after 11, where are those boys!" they were at a girls house. just talking. how funny, they r so naughty

Friday, May 30, 2003

im off 2 drama now, then 2 work, im still sick, so much 4 taking off till saturday. i do think its about time i got better. maybe i have that new deadly flu they were talking about on the news. 2morrow is an exciting day! im so scared and im not even getting on stage, ive never been so nervous before a peerformance. i have some company in the audience now, rach said she wanted to come and tom said he was going to buy a ticket aswell, exciting, we can have a party in the audience.

we should get malteasers.

that was the most honest blog ive ever written, but it fits in with why i have a blog and it sparked a-jump-up-on-my-soap-box type of attitude in me so i had to write it.

i think romance is dead. we met this group of people a few weekends ago, and we saw them a few times and became friends with them, anyway, one of the guys names was scott, i did not want to be "romanced" or anything else by him, we were just making friedns. mayb its because im a christian and i obviuosly dont have casual sex, or maybe i just wasnt expecting a message like that but i was a bit dumstruck. he wrote, "hows it going? if your up 4 roots let me know"...just because i dont do stuff like that, i dont think it takes away from the fact that thats pretty worrying. when did society get like this? why are there such expecations? i dont think its right that i have 2 wear a huge sign on my head every time i make friends with some1 warning them of my beliefs and what effect that might have on the sexual activity. so after i got over the initial shock i wrote back "im doing alright thanx, just finished work, no thanx about the sex."

Thursday, May 29, 2003

id forgotten the excitment that 3 o'clock used to bring. lying on the couch, watching my girlie movies, i looked at my phone to check the time...3:15, not a special time really, but then, the door burtst open, all these boys in messy school uniform started running around, the girlie movie changed ubruptly to some nintendo game, and food and strange boy remarks were flown around the lounge room. i said hi to my 13 yr old brother and went into the computer room.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

i just spoke to my boss from boost aswell, he was ok, i felt bad so i apologised and got 2morrow off aswell, all he could say was "thats fine darl, no worries bub" i think he is far 2 nice to be a manager. i wouldve fired me, perhaps im just to nasty

on my sick day today, i hired out 4 movies, all really dodgy girlie movies but its ok cause i am sick and its not like i want to relax in deep thought, im getting away from thought in general. well i think thats the plan. anyway i just finished watching blue crush. i think some of it was pretty good, the story line was average but i reckon some of the bits were pretty funkily made. although they did have this gay flashback thing 2 when she almost drown at some surfing championship a bit 2 often, i thought that was a little to done 4 my liking. it seemed like the movie was all abotu winning, until the very end, when theyu did this try-to-be-original thing and changed it to giving it your best, and getting back on the horse sort of thing. oh well, i did actually enjoy the movie. now im not sure wether to watch looking 4 alabrandi or the mexican...hmmmm

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

i just got home from what i thought was going to be the scariest rehersal of my life. mayb it was the drugs i got from the doctor today, mayb it was tiredness, mayb it was luck, mayb it was God, but it went pretty well i think. helen said i was a bit of a negative director tonight, ooops. i didnt mean to be and i feel really bad that i was. i sent a msg when i got home 2 all the actors and said that they were amazing. cause they r, and i hope they dont think they r not bcause i was a negative director tonight

yes, i did go to the doctor today. i have a middle ear infection and influenza. i got some drugs and a doctors cirtificate and a stern talking to to have till saturday off all my works. i think ill just try and cut down on my works, mayb not take them off completly cause then i might loose some works and also i will feel bad cause i seem to hiave taken every second shift off at boost since i got it. i dont mean to always be sick. oh dear. im suposed 2 b working at 9 2morrow morning, hmmm, i dunno.

i think its all a bit exciting that its almost saturday and on saturday unboxed is bneing performed 4 the very first time ever. its extremly nerve racking, but exciting. its cool to notice the difference between christian productions and non christian productions. the whole focus is different which changes the way people treat each other and the effort and the motives and everything, its an exciting thing to witness.

Monday, May 26, 2003

do people change themselves to fit into roles or are people just in constant sequence of changing roles?

i waked to all the way to babysitting 2day, and, when i got there...gavin, the dad, was home. so there was actually no need for me 2 have walked the distance. oh well, he drove me back so it was all good.

i would just like to say link link link

schoolies last year was alot of fun, we just went up the coast and rented out 2 holiday houses in crescent head with about 20 or so of us. it was the best week, the beach, the tavern, the walky talkies, the funny locals, the people we went with, the houses, the cooking, it was all just so much fun. today ryan booked us a house 4 this year. i really wonder if it will be the same or as good. not all of the same people are coming, everyones friendships and relationships have changed, i think it has the potential to suck. i hope not cause id really like it to be good. pity stuff cant stay the same. i dont like thinking about how much we have all changed in just 6mths let alone any longer.

after much dissagreement between me and my blog, i have made the decision to continue blogging. we have reconciled our differences and i think this calls for a much happier union

Sunday, May 25, 2003

i am joise juice the belrosian hillbilly once westie orphan

im a little worried now

im a tad distressed, i cant hear properly. its really wierd. ive never realised how important hearing is, i just feel so dissoriantated and i can only not hear a little bit. im going 2 the doctors 2morrow, that should b fun...i dont like the doctors 2 much, but ill cope, im brave

well i do apologise 4 the severe lack of still sick. not much fun. ive slept pretty much all day so im wide awake now. i wore my jaguar top, which is a daggy, not cool top, on friday night. i visited a youth group at church and we had a theatre sports night, im really noticing the difference between kids here and the kids in romania we worked with. its wierd. here we have a common language 2 work in yet it seems much more stressful. it was fun though. i think the next time i do a theatre sports night, ill b better prepared from what i leanrt on friday night

Thursday, May 22, 2003

by the way...this would be my first thursday night at home since my 18th birthday, what an achievment

what a long long day, its even longer when ur sick. i dont think i should blog when im sick, everythings so boring and complaining and wierder. today i worked at boost and went home early cause i was sick, then i came home and rested and tara came to visit and then i got up and went to work at the pub. i feel a bit bad for everyone who i came into conact with today, i did try to be pleasent and bubbly and all nice but it failed alot of the time. i think i was extremly out of place today at boost, trying to act all crazy and be super happy and friendly to the customers, haha not 2day buddy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

just finished finishing off unboxed. wow i feel very relieved. now i think wehave a soundtrack, a script, some coreography and a week 2 throw it all together!
i got some cold and flu tablets this afternoon. ken, my friendly pharmisist, advised me on what sorts of medications would be suit my symptons, in the end i think i bought the most expensive product there, but thats ok, i really couldnt care at this point, i would just b satisfied feling half human, so lets hope these expensive little beauties do their job!

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

im sick again, that smells

its all getting very exciting, sal is going to toms house 2morrow to make the soundtrak for our piece! ahh we will have a proper soundtrack yayness. im rehersing the actors tomorrow night and next tuesday we r putting it all together and then saturday we r performing! ahhhhhhh, me and sal went to helens house tonight to have a chat abotu how it was all going, nut out some last minute details. helens sick 2, so we sat and were sick together.

i also had my first yr9/10 drama workshop thingy tonight, that went interestingly. actually 2 b honest, it went crap. im really gonna have 2 work something out. its just failing terribly.

well i have almost finished the drama writing for unboxed. me and sal have this thing where we talked about our piece like it was our baby, and we had conception when we thought of the idea, and the first trimester when we were doing basic planning, and then the second when we were beginning to write and coreograph and reherse, and thethrid when its coming closer to the due date and all the rehersals and late night planning and stress outs are labour pains. we are giving birth on the 31st, contractions have begun. im scared.

i have so much exciting news, i got my first phone bill, and unless im reading it wrong, which is probably to case, its only $38. oh my goodness! i was expecting hundreds of dollars, thats just lovely. other exciting news which i forgot to blog abotu yesterday is that i served some1 famous at work. well he isnt really famous, it was scoot cain, now does any1 remember who he was? he won the second or third series of popstars. i felt a bit mean, cause i had to write his name on his docket so they could yell it out when his juice was ready, and just cause i was feeling like he didnt deserve to be famous and famous people shouldnt have to miss out on stuff in life like giving ur name at boost just cause there famous...i asked his name. i think he was a little upset. it must b hard 4 poor scott, his fame only lasted as long as it takes to boil and egg. and his song did really suck, poor scott...

Monday, May 19, 2003

well so far i have opened the file on my computer, talked to matt and mr robert howie, no sign of much work might b a late 1

im really excited cause me and my pal sal have been creating this piece based on romans 12 verse 1&2, and its going in this dance festival called abundance in 2 weeks. (just clearing up, i am NOT a dancer, its a colabrative piece, drama and dance) anyway, the piece isnt completly written or rehersed yet, so thats what im staying up tonight to excpect some random blogs thruout the nite as i procastinate...

i need to learn to spell, i might put that in tomorrows list of things to learn

i wish it was the 80s, id love to live in the 80s. eveyrone was so daggy, i love being a dag. i have my hair in 80s style atm. not on purpose just cause it goes big and boofy. i once saw an 80s musical and it was great. it was only a school production but it was so good. i wanted to go again but my friends wouldnt let me. i think they were worried id get stuck in the 80s. i even went home and downloaded all these 80s songs. go the 80s. anyway thats enough about the 80s.

i learnt a number of things today, it was really a very educating experience. i once said that i wanted to meet a guy on a bus, but i have changed my mind, there was a severe lack of normality on both my bus trips today. not that normal is fun or it even exists but i cant think of a better word. i also learnt that i dont want a career in boost juice. its fine 4 a casual job but no way would or could i possibly work there full time or 4 any lengthy period. no way. i also learnt that talking to the mums of yr9 and 10 kids is much more useful and sometimes more pleasent than talking to yr9 and 10 kids about organising times 4 drama workshops. a much more productive approach i think. i also learnt a whole lot of facts about vitamin supplements, actually i didnt really learn that, sorry i lied, well i sat there while my manager told me all about them, i also got a induction pack but, 2 b perfectly honest, i doubt i will ever learn about vitamin supplements. but lets not dampen the learning experience, i did learn alot today, im sure there is much more that i just 4got a learnt, already slipped into my sub-concsious

Sunday, May 18, 2003

i was going to write a big post today when i got home from church, except i fell asleep...ooops, i didnt wake up till after 5 and was working at 530 - OOOPS!

oh well...

jam was fun this morning, i didnt get 2 do my talk cause felix from zambia was talking, i dont really mind, i wasnt feeling to confident about it, now i have a whole week more 2 learn about sabbaths. goodo

Saturday, May 17, 2003

i havent written since friday, thats a bit bad, i had a whole routine thing going. ive been a bit busy, working and had a family thing on 2day 4 my 18th, which was fun.
i had a great nite 2nite actually, i worked which was not the good part of the night but it wasnt too bad. anyway, after work, me and sonya were gonna pop in at this porno 21st but we couldnt find the place so we just went doen 2 brooky maccas. we stayed there 4 ages and ages. Sonya and I always have great chats, about God, sex, work, the universe, its really cool. Shes a mad chickie, u can tell shes really searching 4 something solid but cant seem to work out where 2 look. She wants to come along 2 our church which should b good 4 her. Its scary how similar we are about some things, its good to have someone like her in my work enviroment i think.
anway, looking 4ward to tomorrow, i got sucked into working tomorrow night cause sonya has basketball tryouts or something, i still havent learnt to say no to my boss. oh well
glad everyone sort of enjoyed the matrix, well i think most people did, every1 has some negative stuff 2 say about it but still everyone loved it, cant quite figure that all out but good oh

Friday, May 16, 2003

wow its been raining alot. everythings really misty out my window and all the autumn leaves look all hyper colour
i hope everyone enjoyed the matrix last night, personally im not a big matrix fan, but thats ok
ive got kids clun drama this arvo, well in a minute really, looking 4ward 2 it, ive sort of completed most of the script, its a bit dodgy, i dont really get in2 cheesy kids plays but it fits a purpose this time so its all good. i have 2 do a talk on sunday 4 our sunday morning youth group and im really scared, i havent really planned it yet. well i dont want the kids to hear me anyway, im gonna sit and have a pray and write with God later 2nite

Thursday, May 15, 2003

well im home safe and sound, a little damp but that ok. it was a pretty good night, i did some dancing which is always fun, and some working which sometime isnt as fun. ive decided that there should be 2 sections in every club, one for the girls who dont mind sleezy guys grabbing at them and the sleezy guys whos grab, and a second room for people just having fun dancing. i think thats a great idea.

im about 2 go 2 work again, but i just thought id leave a quick blog. i bought a nea cd 2day! very exciting stuff, i havent had a chance 2 listen to it much yet but from what i can tell its fabo. very happy
apart from that i spent some more money and had lunch with kara which was lovely.
im gonna go out 2nite aswell, i hope its good. i have been to mona every thursday night since i turned 18, and im not really ready yet 2 give up my title. ive only beeen 18 4 a little while but anyway.
well i will prolly update later...

i would like to add to my theory abotu yr 12, my friend fell down the stairs at tafe the other day and may have broken her back! thats not very good, especially since trials r coming up, and she might b in hospital.

i would like to add to my theory abotu yr 12, my friend fell down the stairs at tafe the other day and may have broken her back! thats not very good, especially since trials r coming up, and she might b in hospital.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

i think year 12 is a stupid year. not only are people stressing about there marks and what they want for the rest of their lives and leaving this world of school behind, they have to face all these other serious issues and problems that always seem to pop up in yr 12. im glad im not in year 12 anymore. my friend sarahs in yr12 this year and she was in a car accident the other day, she was so shaken up about it. her friend is in a wheel chair for 2mths and thats going to screw up some of her year 12 aswell. the amount of stuff that happened in my group in year 12 was incredibly, it was like we were living in a bad movie for most of it. so these poor students who have to get up every morning under the pressure the hsc put on u all by itself and then deal with the fact that they could have died the othe night. i think year 12 is a stupid time of life to have year 12. i dont think the hsc as a test has very little to do with ur intellagence or even how much effort u put in, its more about how u handle all the bad stuff that can b smushed into one year and each persons choice for what they think is really important, marks that supposedly make a future for urself, or ur friends and supporting each other thru this incedible time or the balence u make between the two...

i feel oblidged to write something worthwhile, ive had 28 visits since i got the blog a few days ago

ive been invited to a girl from works 21st on saturday night. i really wanna go and it should b heaps of fun, except its a dress up and i normally get real into fancy dress parties, except the theme is porno, now what do i wear? hmm i dont really want to dress up as a porn star.

well i have had a pretty good day, im a bit worried cause i havent finished writing something that im suposed to have finished by friday for kids club. kids club is so much fun. i love working with kids, they just crack me up so much. anyway, today i slept in heaps and heaps, then i watched tele and talked on the phone. i walked in the rain to babysitting and that was fun, once again i had to think of creative ways to do maths, peanut butter toast was the bribe to day but i couldnt find anything to do the working out problems with like feddos so we used oranges for a bit but he really didnt have a good work ethic today. then afta babysitting i had work at the pub. work is fun, especially on a wednesday night cause there r fun people in the kitchen. it was super quiet so we closed early and sat around and had a drink with all the people we work with and then we moved into the pub and met up with some guy called kev that kara (my best friemd) had arranged to meet. that was random. i always get pulled into meeting randoms with kara, its ok but, i have fun. it was an interesting night. i freakishly became fabo at pool for 1 game, it was so wierd, i won, i have never won a game of pool before. very odd.
it was fun just to chill out for a while

tomorrow is an exciting day, i am going to go buy a counting crows cd, sal made me a tape for my birthday and its all i listen 2 nowadays, im worried that my tape will die so its time to make the jump and buy their cd, very exciting stuff. thursdays r good days cause i get paid wednesday nights so spend spend

i only got up just then, thats pretty bad, i think i need to work on this sleeping thing, i need 2 sleep like a normal person.
i ate weat-box 4 breakfast, thats news, i dont normally eat cereal but this morning there was so margerine for my toast

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

i am thinking that i might like to go 2 one. im not sure if im just thinking that cause i want to go away or if its cause its the right thing that god wants me to do

do u know there r 281 english speaking YWAM discipleship training schools?

thats odd, someone from singapore visited

well that was a bit dark and gloomy

im starting another blog for my friend, hehe we have issued her a challenge and im gonna make a blog about it, it should b very funny.
the challenge is for her to livve without a guy for 10weeks. that could sound mean and a bit wierd but its al in fun, but it does have an actual purpose. u c, my dear friend seems to have had her life taken over by guys and the issues that seem to forever follow them, so 2day i was trying 2 convience her 2 try and b happy single for a while and it just sort of escalated into this wierd challenge thing. its gonna b all offical with rules so we can properly judge if she can last 4 10 weeks without a guy. i hope she can, it would b very good 4 her.

i am thinking about mediation, that thing people do where they put the victim and the perprerator of a crime in the same room with someone qualified. im wondering what the outcome is they hope to get from that. like obviously they want healing and for both parties to feel they are heard but i can totally imagine it going completly bad and both parties feeling worse and less healed. im really thinking about my friend, she wants to confront someone that did something not so nice to her and im not sure what tp encourage her to do. i dont want her to feel anymore pain but she still has issues that need to be resloved to some extent but i dunno what the best option is. i really wish she was a christian. god helps much betterer at this sorta stuff than qualified and unqualifed people. im just gonna keep praying and i reckon god will help her

i babysat this afternoon and worked out year 5 maths problems with freddo frogs, it was actually difficult, i really do reckon that matyhs is getting harder earlier in school nowadays. but apart from freddo problems i read a book about these 3 orphans who go on andevturers 2 get away from a bad guy called count oalf. great books.
i had my very first proper drama workshop thingo that im running this afternoon. it failed though, which is a bit unfortunate 4 me and the 1 girl that turned up. but thats ok cause i will advertise some more and it will happen next time yay yay yay.

well this is exciting, tom has come 2 visit my blog and even put a link of his! wow, visitors.

Monday, May 12, 2003

well i have had some fun reading peoples blogs, im a bit of a bimbo and i cant seem to find many other blogs 2 read that are in english apart from toms friends, sorry tom...

i have only read howies and ryans but they r both so honest, im not sure if i could be so honest on here, not cause i dont know the people who are reading it but more that i might know the people who are reading it. not that anyone is reading it right now cause no one knows about it so i shouldnt worry, this is just all such a novelty

i was at a memorial service the other day for a guy called Bob who was a community figure in the area, a teacher at a local high school and ran a youth theatre company and was santa at christmas times at the local shops, and did lots and lots and lots of other things in the community. anyway at this serivce, they played this song from a musical (not sure what the musical was called or the song title for that matter) but the lyrics to the song were, "when the beating of your heart, matches the beating of the drum...something something something", the song was all about passionate soilders who were going off the fight some courageous battle or has been in my head ever since. its made me think alot really. about how Bob managed to do so many things in his life that he was passionate about and they "matched the beating of his heart". i reckon thats why he kept going with all these things for so long. i want the stuff im passionate about and dream about to match my reality...that would b good to keep in mind and make me sort out all these things im doing that rnt important to what Gods really got for me, what im passionate about...

im so naughty, i didnt go to work today, i lost my uniform and then i missed the bus but it worked out good cause i needed a day off and i just felt bad 2 ask 4 one. lovely

im going to write some more of my play today, ive thought of a name and some more stuff which is exciting. and i can plan for drama tomorrow aswell so there u go, plenty of things for me to do on my day off.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

ooh, well it went all funny and didnt like me very much when i tried 2 change the time settings so i will do it another day

it says the wrong time, i wonder how 2 change that

wow, look at me go, i have one now...
i have been working 4 ages and ages, it seems like years but really it was just a day, even though i am tired and i have 2 work tomorrow, i have been captured by all of this excitment and having a chuckle at toms blog..."blogs are a good way to pick up chicks" - i laughed