Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm too young to be old. I don't mean old as in maturity, I mean old as in grumpy old woman crinkled up passion messed in with too much boring side of reality. I would like to stay an idealist forever. I love the more 'mature aged' people in my life who are so passionate about social justice, but they are lucky enough to have the life experience to match the idealist passion that doesn't equal grumpy old woman. Me on the other hand, I don't know, I think reality - or maybe logistics is a better term, either way it gets me down, and far less motivated. It's a struggle I'm sure I've just got to struggle with. Because the balance is important.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

- I like girlie movies. Sam took me to see 'in her shoes' today. I think he secretly liked it even. I thought it was great. I saw 'must love dogs' the other day too, and it was pretty crap. I think it was a middle aged girlie movie. Didn't do it for me. 'Bridgit Jones Diary' is a bit of a winner though. oh but 'Pride and Predjuice' is out now I think which is very exciting.
- I almost walked through a fly screen last night. Luckily Jenny's mum upstaged me with her effort. How embarrassing.
- Black rice pudding with deep fried bananas and honey tofu is still making my belly feel good and satisfied and it was many hours ago i ate it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

today an insurance compnay was nice to me. they aren't even my insurance company. it was all very strange. I crashed my car a little while ago, actually probably almost 6 months ago. I ran up the back of someone, wasn't very pleasent. Anyway, this meant that I owed about $700 to this dudes insurance company. I kept forgetting to pay it, and they sent the paperwork to the wrong address and a few other dramas which meant I didn't start paying it off for ages. Recently I had forgotten alltogether that I still owed these people money...until...they called today.
The lady said; "hello I'm from insurance company"
I said; "oh hello, crap, I owe you money still hey?"
lady; "yes, thats why I'm ringing"
I; "oh good, sorry"
Lady; "the balence you owe is $300, but if you would just pay one lump sum of $180 then we will close the account"
I; "thats very nice, thankyou"
Lady; "when can you do that?"
I; "tomorrow"
Lady; "thanks bye"

...I think thats rather kind. That's got to be the most gracious insurance compnay ever. Not only did I do wrong to start with my hitting the car, I then made late payments and then forgot all together yet they aren't making me pay all of it. I feel blessed. Also still a bit bad I forgot, but thats ok cause I'm sure they are a big fat insurance company with plenty of money. Very nice.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I've changed my links list into a rough backwards alphabetical. Howie's link does not work until I appear on his links list. David's doesn't work either, that was me forgetting to change it but now i think about it, I'm not on his list either. Oh haven't I turned into a brutal blogger?
I think I my blogging relationship has been sparked again.

Monday, October 03, 2005

A note for movie viewers and activists against the manderin centre...They have new seats, so really, any boycotting in regards to manderin centres uncomfy seats is basically unnecessary nowadays. The new ones are pretty comfy.

Also to note, but for myself. I've come to the conclusion this weekend, rather I've had an epiphany, that I don't want work to be my life. I don't want to come home from work so exhausted that all I want to do is sleep, I don't want to dream about work, I don't want to think about work when I shouldn't. I figure, although I do love my job a lot, and the people I work with mean so much to me, I am 20, and I recognise I'm not going to do this forever, and I shouldn't let it take over my life. Being 20 and going to study next year and still living at home, means I don't really NEED to work full time. I can have a life. I'd like to be able to maintain some friendships, and have some fun. I think that's a worthwhile decision to make. Now, got to sort out some boundaries and work a bit less.

One other me thing to note is that I think I've also become a cat person. I'm housesitting at the moment, and have made 2 new friends. They purr a lot, don't need much maintenance and will cuddle when requested.

I love summer. The sunshine is just so fabulous. Although, I went to this book launchy thing with Tim Flannery and Peter Garret last week who talked about climate change. Since then, exciting feelings about summer have had a not so pleasent feeling attached. I've also become a turning lights off freak. My mum would be very proud. It's very scary where out world is heading. So I should turn lights out when I don't need them, use a fuel efficient car, research energy efficient practises... I hope people realise how serious this all is soon, and maybe the extra horrible future of our planet could be lessened somewhat.