Wednesday, June 30, 2004

the curse of the kemps...

we are seriously cursed. for as long as i can remember we have always abought super dodgy stuff. like microwaves that break, toasters, tvs, chairs, cd players...but especially computers and computer bits.
this time round with computers, davids saved us from our curse by sorting out a computer for us (davids a fantastic man, thanku david. any women out there? you should go out with david)...anyway...we had one single responsibility, to buy a keyboard and a mouse. barbs, james and i spent ages looking at all the different ones, arguing about what one was dodgy and what the end we bought the most expensive one there and i bet itll break. howie gave it 3 weeks. we will see...

happy birthday barbs...

though she doesnt actually read my blog. dont think im ready for my mum to read my blog. but shes a good woman, i wish id worked that out earlier. hope she has a good day. shes taking us to see shrek 2 for her borthday this arvo. bit sad that she has to pay for her own birthday day when i have money ill take my mum out.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

i tried to get to the train station real fast tonight so that no one would give me a lift home, but gemma caught me. one day ill feel alright about accepting grace maybe, but probably by then everyone will be over giving it to me.
i think i had a good day. i got up reasonably early. rang what seemed like millions of people looking for computer stuff. no one seemed to have both the things i needed in the one shop. poor barbs wasnt feeling well again today so i spent some time with her too.
went to hornsby and dropped off forms at work, folded stuff and then went to commy dinner.
good and good. enjoyable experiences. life just keeps on rolling.

Monday, June 28, 2004

i slept so good last night. it was fantastic. ive been waking up really early when im not sleeping at my own house recently. but last night was brilliant. i didnt wake up till after 11 aswell. i was going to get up and catch the train home early so i could go to tafe and get my assessments back but i just kept sleeping. i did go organise things and do other stuff though. howie seems very sick today but. poor chap. something about that house, everyone keeps throwing up.
last night was good fun. we watched charade - ryan, jem, howie, david and i. audrey is just so cute and fun. we didnt leave the castles till really late. but being in holiday mode i didnt really care what time it was. it didnt feel like a sunday night. everyones really nice to me when im coming to hornsby. driving me home, oferring for me to stay in their houses. so nice.
when i got home today though, i didnt have my key. ooops. id lent it to my brother cause he didnt have his and he was going to leave a door unlocked for me when i came home last night. but since i didnt come home last night the door was locked. never mind that, action woman jo got up on a ladder and went climbing through the bathroom window. i was so glad that left open. its a bit of a drop from the window to the floor, and i was a little concerned that the toilet was going to break with me balencing on it. luckily i lived. few.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

I wasn't a very good coke bottle. I tried, but I had no money to perfect it the way I wanted. Either way the party was ok. Most of it was grand, but then all this dodgy stuff kept on happening. It was horrible. Such crap from the past should just disappear. Better for everyone I say. I tried a hand at forgiveness, I think I sucked, but I tried at least. So sleepy. The whole night has drained me physically and emotionally... So to bed I go

i miss coke so much that i decided to dress up as a 600ml buddy tonight. i was going to go as a fireman but this is a bit funner. i dont think anyone else will be going as a coke either.

Friday, June 25, 2004

happy birthday to mil and gem!

good fun celebrating too. im glad i met hornsby people (almost a year ago).

im tired.

had a funtastic day with asquith girls. i didnt need to be scared after all. talking with people about jesus is the bomb. especially when they are all so open and interested. like jen, i was also impressed with the understanding these young people already had. it was the same at forest too. so exciting. jesus is known, just not felt or something.
jump is a fun game too. i reckon at least 75% of the day was mainly spent being silly with howie and jen. we even chatted and giggled in the talk - naughty naughty.

small group was really good too. the girls were a little silly to start with. i threw away the bible study in the end and we talked about the gospel and prayed and had a jolly old time. i love those girls.

something else i love is sleep. might go get some of that bout now.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

This here is good interactive community.

I think its kind of funny how the blog world has exploded. Not only are there billions of people we know with blogs, but they are crossing over general social barriers. People I know who don't know each other are talking about girls they like. That's fantastic. If only everyone in the world would get a blog...Please don't. My goodness too much reading as it is.

i yesterday i travelled to chatswood, to hornsby, to chatswood, to central, to chatswood, to frenchs forest, to hornsby then back to frenches forest again. lucky i like travelling.
within that travelling was a variety of events and fun activities. lunch with howie and jen, bit of howie time and commy pub to name a few.
we got $9 worth of chips last night too. no twisties unfortunatly, but cat food and dog poo flavour were almost as good.
its good when you can turn your brain off. ive got nothing to stress over, no deadlines, nothing. its fantastic. there should be more holidays like this. work will start soon and it wont be the same, but for now im lovin it...

welcome to regular blogging!!!

lets see if i cant get myself back into the swing of things

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Goodbye to nick again who left this morning. Its good for him sad for me. I hate goodbyes. How told me the other night I was too attached to my school. I think that's probably true, along with a whole pile of other stuff. I'm just too sentimental.
but the EPA (I will continue to call it EPA cause sopa sucks bad) was great. Actually it was really long and boring, I felt bad that my parents and friends had sat through it for 6 years. I don't think we ever realized what we were putting them though. But it was still fantastic still. The finale was the best. Still using the same song. When all the yr 12 non dancers ran out and had their bow and did a little dance, I remembered our last finale when we jigged. Performance arts is such a safe house for all the people who just don't fit into normal highschool routine. I think its fantastic that davo has this whole big giant forum for those fun different people to succeed and be accepted in an environment that's all for them. It kinda doesn't work cause the dancers were always really popular, but the musos and actors all had their chance to. It made highschool just the funnest. EPA was definitely the highlight of every year I was at Davidson.

student alpha seems like a bit of fun. even though we only had leaders in our group, we all had a good time.
today is a day of being productive ive decided. im at the library catching up on emails and blogs, then ive got to go register to vote and im going to clean to kitchen, do some washing and even might try do some cleaning of my room.
most important seems to be registering to vote which i keep forgetting to do. ive only been 18 for a year and a half or something..oops. my dad keeps calling me to remind me. he reckons that they will close the electoral role as soon as they call the election cause they dont want the young ones to vote.
in a few days i should get a letter in the post telling me wether ive passed or failed my first semester. hmmm. i really hope i pass. theres only 1 or 2 asessments im genuinly worried about.
i wont let myself get too worried about that though.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Just about to go hand in my last assessments for the semester...few. i feel soooo good.

not much more to say...i had a story but i forgot. im just no good at this blogging thing anymore.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

i think im fading out of the blog world. i cant keep up reading everyones. i cant even keep up on the originals, let alone the 50 new st stephens bloggers that appear every time im at a computer.
but in the real world, the one that exists away from computers ( i have to have a small portion of bitterness cause its important to turn loss into a bad attitude), the real world has been fun. people are fun, i like people. community dinner the other night was the most fun. we sang songs while kieth played his gutiar. we all laughed plently.
i got to see people who i havent seen in a long time the other night too. that was fun. it still makes me sad how much people change. maybe cause im missing out or something. probably everything comes back to a selfish emotion - thats sad.
but positive real world things also included - blue gum followed by blue water grill last night. whats with all the blue things in hornsby? lots of sillyness, a bit of coldness, and even a bit of druel...
sleeping - how good is sleep? thats definatly a positive real world thing. you cant sleep while your reading blogs. (unless your howie, he could probably sleep walking or washing up or anything).
and almost holidays. ive got couple of assessments to finish off and im done.
i have to write about reflective listening skills and other silly things. i think ive forgotten the meaning of all these words, i just shove them in randomly throughout my essays.
about time i go back to enjoying the real world...not really, just assignments. i get so lonely doing assessments. tomorrow and itl all be over for a month!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

yay yay yay. done and done. now i only have 7 assessments left before next friday.
Rach was a nice woman last night and encouraged me along, what a nice woman. thanx rach.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

James and I just had the funnest game.
I needed a break, well probably not but I had one anyway. It was CD changing time and James came out with a system of a down CD, luckily he didn't want to listen to it just as much as I, so we went outside for some CD Frisbee...That game didn't last very long as it kept hitting the bricks and breaking up...But then it got lost on the roof. We both thought it was over. But then we remembered by Frisbee and we started playing with the good ole hyper colour valentines day Franklin. Good fun. Although we did find a problem - there was a large amount of poo in little presents all around the garden. I suggested a game of 'pick up poo'. We got plastic bags on our hands and were going to have a race of how many poos in a bag. James needed a bit on convincing but he oblidged, for a little while. He gave up and watched on and we had a laugh and I ran around the garden picking up poo. There was a lot of poo. There still is some there that we discovered when we started playing Frisbee again. Now I've had a good hour of fun ill get back to work...

whos distracted?


james is home from school today which is helpful. he put a cd on really loud cause he didnt like my rendition of 'when the saints go marching in... we made nachos, watched law and order and other general sillyness... ive been able to fight tempation and do a bit of work. i need 2 essays for tomorrow morning... hmmm. ill be right.

speaking of law and order, i love law and order. sometimes i think i watch too much of it, its on lots of nights now, svu, criminal intent, and some more. maybe too much law and order might be bad for you, lots of blood and guts and criminals and horrible sad things. despite all that i really enjoy it, its probably the only thing on tv i properly watch

ok work now

Monday, June 07, 2004

just saw raising helen. i liked it alot. it was a girlie movie, fairly predictable but thats always comforting. i even cried. such a woosebag i know.

i got stressed yesterday lunch time, and i havent been able to shake it since. its silly cause i havent really got that much to be stressed about - my assessments are getting done, i am goingto have money on wednesday to pay my phone bill, i have holidays coming up, im getting work...but i still feel stressed.
ive missed my first class this morning, and maybe ill try and see if i dont have to go to this thing tonight and do something pleasent and normal.
and something else exciting...i met beth last night, and jemma. good work. they seem like nice young ladies and i do like beths blog. so goodo. i will try and aim to participate in interactive and enfolding community in lots of areas of mylife, including my church and christian cirlces.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

whats going on? no ones blogged in hours! i cant stay focused on this assessment for too long without a blog break. not happy jan. no ones blogging, no ones ringing, no ones a lonely woman who should go to sleep and give up for the night i suspect

i went on a tarmac tour at sydney airport today. the guy that took us was amazing, he had all these facts and numbers all stored in his memory and spat then out spontaniously throughout the tour. reminded me of howie with his interesting fact collection.
we all enjoyed our tour. got to go really close to all the planes and got to hear air traffic control tell us we could proceed down the south west strip etc etc. good fun. i was sad i had to miss a wedding, although not much could be done. im a silly woman.
im such a lucky girl though, all these fun places i get to go for work. i got an ice cream on them today too, and a smoothie the other day, and calamari last week. so cool.

i saw thorpy and other such swimmers on the news tonight. they are at some special place in america doing special high altitude training. i think im in training for the olympics too. im slowly being built up to no howie, this weekend, and then soon he goes for a week or 2 and then i should be strong and ready to take on the olympics

oh dear. i can hear the fireworks at the oval and can remember the good old days, actually they will be renacted soon when my brother and his friends come home i think

Friday, June 04, 2004

i need a funny story or a silly joke or some sort of interest in my life to blog about.
something non tafe and non whiny and positive.

this makes me sad that i stumped for anything.

oh. i met someone on the bus last night. i was so impressed by him. no one ever talks on public transport but he just sat right down and started a conversation, and it kept going till i got off the bus. thats a whole 15mins or something. he was a web designer and was going travelling soon. and then these 2 cars crashed into each other in front of the bus, so we talked about buses and cars and silly people on the road. talk talk talk. and this is a positive story because my faith has been restored, in some small way, that there can be spontanoious, meaningful community building outside christian circles.

...a little harsh yes. but in christian circles people have motivation and a safe environment to be nice to people, but on buses, you can sit in your own little world and ignore other people and there is no need or pre requistite to talk to anyone. lots of people are too scared to talk to people they dont know and thats sad. i dont talk to people i dont know enough either. imagine if everywhere you went people were just chatting along to anyone and everyone? maybe it was like that in the old days. im going to talk to more strangers.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

do you know its dark at 5:15 in the morning? i didnt realise. i think the sun rose somewhere around 6:30. i have never had to be so high functioning at that hour in the morning. i spent alot of the day feeling as though i was in over my head. i didnt really know what i was excpecting coming into today. it was good though. im enjoying all this new work, just tired, and sometimes its a bit overwhelming.
sometimes i wonder if its wrong getting paid for this work, other times i understand. i spend more time thinking i shouldnt be paid though.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

only 16 days...which is only 6 actual days at tafe...and only 6 assessments left till i have a whole month completly off!
no tafe work whatsoever.
lots of work at actual work, but thats good cause its fun and i get money. and im sure lots of other work. but its all stuff that i have been waiting to put more energy into cause ive had to much tafe work to do it now.
i plan to catch up on sleep as the first thing on my agenda.

...there is the other side to this post, which is that i only have 16 days to finish all these scary assessments. hmm that sucks bad.