Sunday, May 30, 2004

yay, its 1:29 and ive finished. they are both dodgy but these ones are just pass/fail so i reckon ill be ok. few. sleep time. wonderful. for something that is so wonderful i dont do enough of.

yay, its 1:29 and ive finished. they are both dodgy but these ones are just pass/fail so i reckon ill be ok. few. sleep time. wonderful. for something that is so wonderful i dont do enough of.

I just occurred to me while I was looking at webstat and not doing my work, that I've passed my blogs one year anniversary.
wow. A whole year. 613 posts. Good work, happy birthday blog

i would like to be in bed before 2am. thats the plan
so far i have put 2 words into my assessment that i made up. i thought they were real words but until spell check didnt register and barbs bagged me out i hadnt realised.
ah well.
how fun is macdonalds? i shouldnt blog, i should keep working

poo to the poo house.
im not ver focused today. been sitting at this computer for a few hours now and have not got much done.
ah dear.
this morning i felt very worried that i wasnt being theologicaly correct. i dont know if i was being incorrect but im sure i could have been more correct. the bible should be alot more accessable. i guess the good thing about it is you can read something and not know much and you can still get stuff out of it, but when you hae to tell other people about it, it becomes too complicated and i get worried that im missing some huge thing that all relys on the tranlastion of one little word. i get really frustrated. too much head knowledge. you could spend your whole life going to all the different bible colleges and reseraching the bible and i still think youd find it confusing.
but its a good book, it says good stuff and it changes peoples lives. i guess thats the good thing about it, its not a book on its own, and i dont really need to understand it all.
and tafe assessments. how much do they smell? much worse then the bible. ive got 2 due tomorrow. much prefer a nap to be honest.
yesterday was fun though. i worked at a saturday program. we ate fish and chips at the beach. we danced in the van and kept everyone amused. if only i could spend all my time eating chips on the beach with disabled people my life would be much less stressful. actually chips with anyone would do. or krisy kremes, they are fun. i think its when im all by myself i get the most stressed cause it usually means im doing something un fun like tafe assessments.

Friday, May 28, 2004

tonight comsisted of a very crazy collection of youth on an oval and a nice dinner with 6 fun girls.

the oval was interesting. tom and i combined groups for games before we split for dinners. girls like boys much before boys like girls, its kinda funny to watch.
but there we were, girls and boys, in a dark park, with glow sticks. lots of energy and sillyness - kind of like we were back in jam - tom, me, 20 or so energetic young people - except we didnt hae the comfort of the cosy small church centre where no one can mescape or dissapear. there wasnt much dissapearence or escaping, they were all fairly well behaved. it was fun.

then a brisk walk to the chinese resturant round the corner, where i caught up on all thr goss about who likes who and whos going out with who etc etc. we talked about our most embarassing moments over dinner. ive got lots of add to that discussion.

all in all another fun filled evening with a bunch of 13 year olds.

yay! i have a computer for the next 2 nights! im so excited. and its cute and posh little laptop too.

i need to remember to use it for tafe work aswell as blogging etc...

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

just as i was trying to get to sleep last night, after a pretty eventful day, i suddenly realised that ooops i had an assessment today. bum bum bloody hell bum. its sort of ok, cause i did a bit of work on it last week, and its just facilitating a group discussion, which you cant prepare for too much. well i should have, but poo, i havent.
now ive checked what i need off the internt i might go to class...

Sunday, May 23, 2004

today was such a fantastic day. im so sleepy, been slee[py all day actually, but it was still fantastic.
i loved that the morning service had to run on "african time". i loved having this big fat combination of lots of things different in the one room worshiping and enjoying just being together and our differences and similarities. i loved making cookies and being silly. and lunch, i loved lunch, and bbqing and salad making and just hanging out. i loved seeing the whole church get in on making friends with the ethiopian church. was good, was funtastic.
my face hurts from smiling and laughing all day,
and we even ordered a good number of pizzas. less then 1 left over. normally when i order pizzas for a big group theres billions left. it was a 16 minute phone call. bloody pizza hut. but she was even nice on the phone. niceness all round.

unfortunatly everything is useful. but its ok cause im not in charge of usefulness or helpfulness, my little head cant work all that out. its so stupid how many times you have to learn the same lesson.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

saturday night and 5 of us are sitting here being cool in core games. so cool.
we did just go see thunderstruck. i enjoyed the film, when i realised it was australian in the opening credits i was worried about the dodgyness, but it was enjoyable, i laughed a lot.
hannah minded today, and guess who was ON TIME! ON TIME ON TIME!!! go me, with even 2 minutes to spare.
hannah and i went into darling harbour and walked around and ate chips and what not. she was prertty well behaved and i think she had fun.
then a pile of us when and ate more chips. lucky i like chips.

Friday, May 21, 2004

grace is good.

im going to get to the frenchs at 11am tomorrow morning, im not going to be late for hannah minding for the first time...i think probably ever. i dont think they think i can do it. no one has any faith in me! you watch, im going to break free of the lateness disease

does everything in the world need to be helpful or intentional? id like to think not cause its doing my head in.

Monday, May 17, 2004

i bought a new bright blue folder to celebrate going back to tafe. i only just got to tafe actually, and now im waiting for lunch time. one out of 3 classes isnt too bad.

troy was pretty bad. i dont usually say a film is bad, they are all normally
"the best film ever", or "my favourite", but troy just didnt cut it.

about all this quitting stuff business, i havent had anymore coke so far, im not planniong on it either. but i think i should give up other unuseful stuff, like swearing, having a messy room, not going to tafe, etc etc... one at a time i guess.

and probably macdonalds...but i love macdonalds so much. but they are mean to their chickens, and they arent very healthy, but they do taste very good.

im sure there is lots of stuff to give up, but theres always goping to be stuff togive up or work on so i dont need to be in any rush.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

howie has done good at being romantic aswell.

ah. bloggers changed. i dont know if i can cope with that! i go away and everything changes. oh dear.

its good to be home... im sad at the same time cause i miss eveyrone. :( but good to just relax and sleep and stop and use the internet and actually spend time with howie. thats always fun.

the trip was fantastic. i had alot of fun. it was alot of hard work too. thank god for other silly leaders who just helped keep the mood positive. i had no idea what to expect. i think i thought it was going to be easier then i imagined, but it was a fair bit harder. by the end of the trip i was so tired i kept tuning out and i wasnt as 'present' as i should have been.

the young people were amazing. i got so much energy just seeing them enjoying themselves and really growing and tackling big stuff.

the important stuff was all positive, i think i struggled with a few things that made some of the trip seem negative, but the really imporant stuff (like the young people) were all positive.

other things that made it hard was bad news from home. i got 3 phone calls of not fun news which wasnt tops. and also not seeing howie, that sucked. so close, yet so far. we went alot of messages.

but yay! im home.