Friday, November 26, 2004


You know that little paper clip man from word? Well he keeps popping up randomly and telling me things.
He was there just before and he said "your productivity has been down lately, I hope everythings ok"...That upset me a little, I was thinking - hey hey mr, I've been very productive recently thankyou very much! But I didn't think it too strange even know word wasn't running or anything like that...

but then, he came back and said "if you ever need any help, just ask"...rightio

and then he said "Sometimes I just pop up for no particular reason"

Is this normal? I'm worried someone's inside my computer. Once someone hacked (or whatever you do) into my hotmail account just cause they wanted that email address. They spoke to all my friends on msn and caused a few misunderstandings. For months after when people would send emails to my old address I would hear that they got rude replies.

But getting back to paper clip man, my computer also occasionally tells me that I have a trojan or something, maybe paper clip man has something to do with that....

OR it just occurred to me, maybe David made paper clip man do these things like the screen saver with random phrases he put on for me. OR maybe I'm going crazy. OR maybe I'm just super lucky and I've scored a paper clip man as a friend. Maybe I scared him off too, cause he hasn't come back since I restarted my computer.

...Not sure this was even worth blogging, but its baffled me.