Tuesday, September 30, 2003

im going insane

unboxed makes me crazy. i dont hate it, i shouldnt say i hate it, its like me and sals baby, but gosh it drives me crazy. im just sick of it. there are so many things i want to change and just cant cause that will drive me crazy aswell. and the things i have changed im still not happy with. in one hand, i just cant seem to work on it enough to get it right, and in the other hand, i dont even want to think about it cause ive just had enough!

When I was in year 7, I remember hearing this older girl talk about all the terrible things she had done and how she "turned from God". I never thought I was like that. Maybe I did have a little "walk on the wild side". I just don't look at it like that until I hear someone else mention things that they know about me from long ago. All I add it up to is that I made some mistakes and have been through some interesting things, but a lot of the decisions I made and the consequences have made me who I am, I don't think I'm some falling apart person who is scarred by a past. I'm ok thanx. When people bring some of these things up, I just feel silly. I don't mind talking about them, but I don't feel I have some "wild side" story to tell like that girl did. Its just stuff, like everyone else's stuff.
...and i dont know if i have expressed an opinion there, or just waffled.

sonya is doing my shift tonight! thanku God!

I'm having trouble sleeping, laying awake far to late thinking about Sudanese loan schemes. Names of organizations, bits of government policy, ideas, plans, people, stories are running through my mind, depriving me of much needed sleep and focus.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Back to more mundane things. I am so stressed. I have a dress rehearsal tomorrow night for "hands and trains" and I'm supposed to be at work. Neither Sarah or Kara can do my shift. Crap. I have about 18 hours for something to work out.

I just went to a refugee action meeting at church. It was good. Lots of talk about action. I didn't expect any political discussion, I just figured we would all sit down for a nice chat about how to help refugees. The discussion did get a little heated however, when we discussed detention centre issues. I was very surprised. I guess it was a little sheltered of me to think that everyone agreed it was wrong to lock up people who are fleeing from their home land because of indescribable horrible events.
"everyone has the right to seek asylum"... Just cause we have set up laws that create illegal immigrants out of asylum seekers doesn't change the fact we as a country signed that declaration. poo poo poo. I tried soo hard not to get mad at that man tonight. But it just seemed the whole reason he came to the meeting was so make sure our church didn't go and help "people who broke our law". But then he talked about a group he had connections with who did prison visits...Connect the dots in that train of thought.
I need to calm down about this. People have different opinions. And that's ok, its not wrong its just different. My opinion is still developing in specifics but I do think somethings got to change. I wish I knew how. But people who are in need are cared for, doesn't matter where they came from or how they got here, love love love, that's all I can suggest right now. I wish I had some way where all the displaced people in this world could find a home free of persecution and torture and mis-treatment and injustice, but I just don't know.
I feel so naive. I wish I knew more. The more I read and hear, the less I feel I know.

do u know what would be really cool? if you all posted something silly about zac in the breakthru artz disscusion on the blackstump site. all publicity is good.

everyone has decided this is the week to go away. howies in tasmania, my mum and brother are going to queensland tomorrow and we are all going to blackstump on the weekend. im gonna be lonely and bored till blacktump. well actually ill be busy and running around.

"i dont know if u've notcied but l8ely i hav stated to like u and i was wondering if u would go utiwf me"

- i accidently hit paste and this is what was pasted...hmmm whos been asking out people on this computer?

i have a tendency to verbalise too much. sometimes no words, or few words say more than lots of words.
in romania, i had meaningful relationships with barely any words. its strange when your in a situation like that, since there is no common language, you cant justify your actions with words. which means people get to know you on just the way you are, the things you do, the way you do them, how you go about everything. its so easy to just use words to make everything you do ok. words are used too much.
my friend was telling me how he was stressing about telling his girlfriend he loved her. he really wanted to tell her but he was all nervous about it. that got me thinking. if he really loved her then he probably wouldnt have to worry about putting words to it, cause she should already know.

now ive just used too many words to say something that probably doesnt need so many words
words words words

the whole TOOBSC experience makes me go "wow". God came thru on lots of things, not just the stressful dvd making and the last minute choreography and rehersals, but stuff we have been praying for for years. that feels wierd to type that. but last night, instead of serman there was a creative arts piece, and people liked it, and didnt think it was dodgy. thats cool. i hope more people stop thinkiong christian creative arts is vibey and start seeing it can be a bit pro. even though alot of christian arts is vibey. i am an anti vibe activist.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

i got off work early tonight, how good is that? its good, yes its very good.

i had the best dream last night. i walked into a room and i saw ema. i started singing her song, and she started singing with me. she reached up her arms and i gave her a big hug. she was smiling and laughing and talking away just like she should be doing.

Friday, September 26, 2003

never a dull moment in the president hotel...

bless my stupid feral pub...

a dog was running through the restaurant tonight. Kara caught it and I took it outside. I looked at the 50+ people sitting in the beer garden, yelled "does anyone own this dog??" a few people looked up, but no one claimed it. Someone said that someone had just left it outside to go inside for a beer and it had wandered in, but not to worry, just tie him up, the owner will be back. whats with everyone at the pub thinking things like putting children on roofs or letting a dog loose in a restaurant are normal things??? its not that big a deal i guess, brings some amusement into our workplace.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

sonya and I had a very intellectual discussion tonight after work about feminism and the power struggle in todays society. Its not really all that equal, sure its better than it once was but its in no way equal. Just walk into a newsagency. All the intellectual magazines or the ones that could possibly use some brain power, are written for men, and all the dodgy magazines are all for women - how to improve yourself, your garden, your home, etc etc. But its ok for a woman to read a magazine about cars or computers or video cameras but a man would never pick up an issue of cleo. Probably for obvious reasons, but why aren't their as many magazines that insult mens intelligence???
im so sleepy right now im just blurting out crap here and there

i had the long awaited and anticipated coffee with sedelle this afternoon. ah dear. we had our talk about YWAM, for about 2 or 3 hours actually, and then i went to work. couldnt have been more of a contrast of mindspaces. if i was to write a play about someone making a decision to go away, i would definatly write it to go something like todays events. it was like going to a travel agent and seeing brochures and hearing stories about this wonderful mountin village, with wonderful fun people and wonderful fun activities and then...walking straight out of the travel agency to a horrible $4.37 an hour sweat shop job in a hot and stinky factory with no one to talk to. just like that. well a little exgadurating. i sat there in chatswood, totally emersed in this beautiful montana YWAM base and all the stories and the people and the ideas and and... and then caught the bus straight to work, got swore at and stressed out.
i still dont know much. now i know a little more about what i would be getting myself into if i went on a DTS, it is very different to what i thought it would be. still good. but i dunno!

i walked alot yesterday. to the pub, to babysitting, to church, to home, from kings cross to town hall, and from wherever the night ride bus dropped us off to waverton.

howie, tom, david, sal, helen and i went to a steve bevis gig in potts point last night. it was good. he didnt get to play for long enough. Gemma tauight me to cha-cha, but then he stopped playing. they then had some "lovely" girl who ive completly forgotten the name of sing a song or few, we sat around and chatted.
we did have a fair journey home. lots of walking. and a night ride bus. and lots more walking. but it was all enjoyable.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

i finally finished my book about a brothel. i did enjoy it most of the time, kinda glad its finished so i can read a book about a missionary that nic gave me the other night. i should have just left the brothel book unfinished, but i just wanted to finish it, it wasnt as satisfying as i expected. oh well

i felt like such a middle aged stay at home mum today. the kids swam in the pool while i layed in the sun reading my book. it was very relaxing, until they got hungry and i had to get up and feed them. i really like babysitting, they r both good value kids, we have fun.

Monday, September 22, 2003

i dont like tuesdays...tuesdays and fridays are mainly the days i dont like.

i missed the bus. that wasnt good. i wish the was a later bus, 1130 is to easy to be late for. i really need a license, then i wouldnt have to worry about being late for any public transport, but then if i did have a license and a car, we would probably just drive around all the time instead of walking and catching trains and stuff, which is kinda fun. we did alot of walking and a bit of training and of course some maccas was involved.

reagans moving to queensland tomorrow. all a bit sudden and strange. kara and i said goodbye to him today. we sat on the beach for hours and hours. we started at newport but then drove to palm beach. we saw people filming home and away.
reagans a funny chap, i think ive mentioned this before. i barely know the dude, i dont think he has many close girl friends. he kept bagging me out as usual. (whats with all these people bagging me out? im going to get some sort of complex soon for sure!) he was going on about how hed have no one to do stupid things all day and be entertaining, and beat at pool, and watch shove their face with ice cream. its great the things im remebered by. gosh, imagine the stuff people will say at my funeral.
the things that ill remember hanging out with reagan is him being in love with kara every second day and the other days being totally over her, and that bush song from fear, and the shark bar in manly. bye reagan! have fun.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

after having an incredibly dodgy day, i actually feel ok.
i had drama this arvo. i ended up leaving it half way thru and pulling people out one by one to have talkings to. that was a little crazy.
the whole day i felt very unprepared and uneqipped and not capable.
melanie and i had a pray at church tonight and she gave me a hug. i feel a bit better. not so dodgy anyway.
we also had the event team meeting for the breakthru concert which was interesting. made me go "oh no, what alot of work in not much time". itll all come together though. just a little daunting.

this morning was the last week of term for sunday school, or sunday morning group or whatever you want to call it - jam is its daggy name its known as at church. anyway, since it was the last week or term, we went to maccas, as we do. toms in dubbo, so i got bec to come help me, and there were some parents. all the same, i was a little worried.
we got out of church to jump in cars. there were 26 kids. i was still a little worried. we all maganged to get to maccas and suprised the poor maccas workers who i doubt were expecting such activity on a sunday morning.
i kept counting the kids every 10 or so minutes cause i was paranoid i would loose one. one of the times i was counting, i counted 27 instead of 26. i counted again, and i was right 27. i was paranoid the whole time about loosing a kid, and i gained another. i worked out who the extra one was and asked him where he had appeared from. he mother had dropped him off cause he as in music this morning or something. so thats was ok, i was coping. macdonalds was looking a little messy to say the least, but no serious problems.
then it was time to go. i alloctated the extra boy to a car which had space. everyone seemed to know where they were going and with who. we get back to church and the service hadnt finished so we went into our normal room to wait. i then counted again. one of the parents asked who we were missing, i said..."oh, bout 7 of them."
the last van did turn up pretty late, but it was ok, no problems i though. so i counted. but i only got to 26. where was the extra boy? one of the other boys informed me he was left at macdonalds. he had followed the wrong group of people and they couldnt fit him in. crap! lucky the parent had got him to call his mum and she was coming to pick him up. but still! not good. i didnt feel very responsible. i tried to find his mum later and apologise but she had left. i feel really really bad.
i think i should stick to teaching drama with just a couple of kids locked in a church, much safer

Saturday, September 20, 2003

refugees give me a headache

my mother said to me this morning...

"i saw all the warning signs, the flashing lights, but i just thought to myself - oh arent they a pretty colour."

i think thats one of my favourite mum quotes.

Friday, September 19, 2003

i just finished watching bowling for columbine. i thought it was well done. made me think some what. made me think about how scared people get and how that fear makes them act. like before kara's sister jodie got sick, she used to lecture us over and over again about sharing drinks. she was absolutly paranoid about getting meninga cockel (sp?). once we asked her if there was only one bottle of water left on earth, would she share it. she said no. thats always stuck with me. and on septemeber 11th 2002, she refused to go to tafe. she was petrified terrorists were going to bomb brookvale tafe. i mostly found jodies train of thought hard to follow. same thing was with the Y2K stuff, she bought lots of water and baked beans.
kara and i used to stir her by saying that when it was your time to die it was just your time to die. but jodie could never accept that. she would somewhat agree that you couldnt control the powers of the universe, but then she would somehow twist it back round to her telling us not the share our drinks.
i cant wait till jodie gets better

another converstaion i had at work today...

"excuse me do you know where the atm is?"

"yeah, its just over there, near the doorway to the pokies"

...some clever cookie set out this pub well

as i was polishing the cutlery tonight at work, i looked out the window out on to the pubs playgroud. there i saw a man boosting his 4yr old son onto the roof. i ran outside and asked,
"did you just put a child up on the roof?"
"yeah, but dont worry, hes my kid"
"umm all the same sir, i dont think its a good idea, perhaps we could get him down now?" i replied.
"its alright, hes just getting his ball", still not grasping the point
"look its really not safe, he needs to get down now.", trying to be more stern
"seriously, its ok, hes been up there heaps before"

i was totally dumbstruck. who does that? he did eventually get the kid down, but still, he should not have been up there in the first place.
often the waitresses have to remind parents to supervise their kids or get them to stop doing such incredibly stupid things, its a little sad. fair enough parents want to go out and have a good time aswell, but get a babysitter and leave them at home, cause letting them run round the car park or through the pub isnt particuarliy safe. and putting children on roofs aint that good either. if he fell, the pub could get in trouble, but more importantly if he fell, he could get hurt, its a a bit higher than a normal house roof.

im feeling a little stuck down. there doesnt seem to be a possible way that i can have everything done that needs to be done by sunday done.

rachel is about to come off the links list. for it to come to this has saddened me, but she hasnt bloody posted since 11th august. thats a shame. i think lauren is on her way out aswell. all these converts who didnt take their committment seriously. lucky its just a blog.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

oh what a joy it is to just visit a footboot site! welcome back everyone!

Performance went better tonight. I think the drama went the best it has ever gone. Worked out that rehearsing is helpful, and knowing your lines, that helps too. Its been a good process I think, I reckon I've learnt stuff...Production wise and just in general wise. I'm definitely learning to be positive about ccc stuff, you can be positive but in the same respect say that that just isn't you and you'd never go there or be apart of it, that's what's good about diversity. But on top of that, i learnt other stuff from the whole of helen's piece.

"in the end, there is but one rule that governs all, love one another and love God. just reach out your hand"

last night howie told me he was going away for 4 months in a few weeks. i believed him but he was joking. i think thats very mean. i told 2 people that story and they both used the words - "arse" and "bastard". couldnt have said it better myself.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

i got up too early this morning. got to hang out with hannah. i was sleepy but it was good, she wasnt in too bad a mood for me.

helens majorwork was tonight. it went alright i think. the tech stuff stuffed up but apart from that, pretty smoothly it went. i dont think many of us were really in the right frame of mind. i wish i could have given it more. it is better than when we did it in church.
on again tomorrow night.

funny stuff - last night at the pub, there was a trivia night. the man was stupid, he made stupid innappropraite jokes like the other trivia man. i was working so i wasnt really on a team but i helped the other girls from work who were playing. so did tom.
also, it was kylie's birthday and she was working. her mum had arranged for all her friends and family to come up and suprise her. she organised an elvis impersinator aswell - i think kylie must be an elvis fan, not sure. he has hilarious. sang and danced and generally made us all laugh a lot. that was good value.
i wasnt in a good mood right after i finished work. people kept ordering coffees, i know, how rude of them. but i was on my own and it was a little hectic and late and what not, but the bad elvis impersinator cheered me up

Monday, September 15, 2003

get 2gether at the pub tonight for carl's birthday. it was alright. interesting. a fair few people came which suprised me. the infamous ex i once talked about was there. who has an obsession with the use of his money. im sure he has really good intentions so i shouldnt be rude. but he paid for my game of pool, one he was not playing in. thats a nice thing to do, i kept reminding myself. 1...2...3...breath... na he is a nice chap, i just dont get the paying for everything thing he does.

a list of new things in the last week or so

-a new washing machine
-a first load of washing in the new washing machine
-an X-box which counts as 2 new things cause...
-a new dvd player
-new shifts at work
-new skirt ... that should be noted, i dont often buy skirts

Sunday, September 14, 2003

jamies home. thats cool. its good to see jamie, i missed him. its like nothings changed at all, it has, a whole lot, but its all just normal like no ones missed a thing. he sat next to me and said stupid things at intervals throughout the service as he did at the beginning of the year. he met howie. that was funny, cause he has no idea about all that, well apart from the gossip that reaches england with no problems.
louise's dad tried to lighten my view of gossip. he got off to a great start by running up to me saying "how's the romance???", full of lots of excitment. i did my usual uncomfortable confused "grrrr". but he said that its all about being in a community and having a genuine interest in the things going on in its members lives. i guess thats alright then. still makes me go "mmmm" with unsureness, but maybe ill just get over it and accept it as a nice thing that people care

my new schedule...

monday - day off

tuesday - work lunch, babysitting, work dinner

wednesday - work lunch, babysitting, drama

thursday - breakthru prepish stuff, work dinner

friday - work lunch, work dinner

saturday - work dinner

sunday - church, drama, church

i guess its not that bad...i have thursday days and saturday days and mondays for a life, thats alright.

well well well, i havent been blogging much of late.
sunday morning group was fun this morning...28 kids! thats a little bit overwhelming in a small room with just a tom and a jo and a parent. but fun. they built towers out of spagetti and marshmellows. there was spagetti absolutly everywhere.
i went up to work to have lunch with my mum and ended up helping out 4 a bit cause it was so busy. i didnt really mind, meant i wasnt at home doing things i was avoiding.
we worked out a permenant roster aswell...i think it was a fair bit of wishful thinking imagining i would get a social life. im working the same but more, didnt really get rid of any shifts, just got a whole lot more. well i can just change it around if its that bad. and to think, tom was just suggesting i should take a month off this way

Friday, September 12, 2003

there is a funny man at my work. hes the big boss of the pub, the licensee or whatever, and he is convienced that all christians should be fed to the lions. he likes to travel around the pub, spontaniously spurting out "the romans had it right! the romans had it right!". he also likes to tell people im a christian, which is fine with me, but then proceeds to tell them why christians are bad and why religion is bad and why God is bad and why i should be fed to the lions. i guess it sparks up some debate. its just a strange atmosphere.

ok, im not working or walking out of work anymore...well for now anyway. the day girl has suddenly left so we get her shifts. which is good. means there will be more shifts available that i can practically do which means more money, which crosses out one of the reasons for me thinking abotu going, so il stick it out a bit longer. so thats a good thing i think. plus, another good thing, is we will be getting a permanent roster, with a rotating weekend bit, so that we take turns at having weekend nights off. this is another good thing. means i will be able to plan stuff cause i will always know when i will be working, maybe ill even re-gain some social life outside the pub. so i think im pleased. i guess ill give it a go, if it all falls to pieces, ill find another job.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

i dont like fridays

in admist of the stupid bikini contest tonight (which i have previously mentioned sucks), i met this awesome girl. she was walking past this big group of guys sitting at a table, and one reached out his hand and grabbed her arse. most girls this happens to tend to just ignore and move along. but no, not this little missy. she swung around and wacked him across the face. i was so impressed. she knew someone that i was standing with, so we all congradulated her and told her she was cool. they guy was embarrassed and moved away.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

i had a great drama lesson today. that really excited me. we talked about refugees and they all got really passionate about it. they had ideas about what the government should be doing and what we should be doing, it was amazing. i love seeing people get passionate about things and get all excited to go change the world, its awesome. and i rocked up expecting a horrible lesson full of teasing and naughtyness. God's a bit good.

an evening of pizza, pool, nudie runs, car parks and ovals.
i had a strange night. kara and i decided to go out to dinner cause her mum got home today so she had her first night off minding her sister in a while. we wandered around manly for ages, looking for some italian resturant she had been to years ago that she remembered was yum. we did eventually find it, and ate lots of pizza. i enjoy pizza.
we ventured into our old hang, the pool hall. when we were cool, back in the day, we used to hang their and tell karas mum we were seeing a movie. but with all those nights we had spent at the pool hall, niether of us had leanr to play pool till this year, so we were practising, and being silly, as you do.
kara dropped me home, it was sleep time we thought, so i walked inside...realised id forgotten my keys at the church and had to creep round the back and break in. i was trying very very hard to be quiet, as i didnt want to wake my mother, and i seemed to be doing a good job...until, when i was right in the middle of the lounge room, my mobile started ringing extremly loudly, as it does.
so outside i went again, where i got back into karas car and we went up the pub to meet her brother. they were also playing pool, and they had some bet going that the team who lost had to run around the car park with their pants or top off (depending of the guys lost or the girls). kara and i were lucky enough to walk in just as the boys lost. the boys ran round the car park with their pants down and people laughed. the pub shut. no one seemed to want to go home. some smart cookie put the music on in her car, and we sat in the car park for ages. this is a really sad story, im no sure why im blogging it, i dont think i really want people to know i hung in a car park for hours. oh well. it was funny. rowan also saw the sad nature of our location, so we moved to the oval. i would have been happy to go home at a much earlier stage, but i was concentrating on being "carefree" and "not boring". but i did have alot of fun, laughed alot about stupid stupid things. argued with peter (karas brother) who likes to pick on me about anything and everything...especially about sex and hornsby. i have an interesting group of friends, who always will make for an interesting evening. for me anyway. you didnt have to read all that

the title of the dawson's creek episode i live in this week is "change".
in the first week i started going out with howie, i was told i had turned into a bitch. the weeks that have followed, i have been told i am "so totally different", "boring", "not easy going anymore" and "way too serious". i do not belive any of these changes have occured.
when people tell me i have changed, its always in such a negative context. why is change such a bad thing? not that i have changed. well maybe i have, but why is everyone convienced its because i have a boyfriend? i was getting over spending so much time out at dancing places BEFORE howie and i started going out. and i still enjoy it anyway...apart from when there are bikini contests on and some other times. people are constantly telling me ive changed and they dont like it, so its not just howie stuff, all year i have heard it...maybe i have some sort of personality disorder...hmmm theres something to ponder. but anyway, im not approving of the "jo's changed" vibe that seems to be floating in the air.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

im so seriously about to work out of work. i saw a sign in the window of a contemporary looking resturant/cafe sorta joint in chatswood today. maybe ill go check it out. thatd b fun.

i really dislike bikini competitions. there was one on at mona tonight. if i had known that, i probaly would have put up more of a fight not to go. there were hundreds of drunk, drooling guys all sitting around perving. i think alot of the girls of the northern beaches got the memo about the contest, cause there werent many there. i felt sorry for the girls actually in it though. it was all just so pathetic. the worse thing is, 4/5 of them were actually taking it seriously. i will give them credit though, the organises did try and make it a little more intellectual but making it the "miss university" bikini contest. they were very pro about it all, had interviews and a active wear and bikini sections. i still was not impressed. i had some girl in the bathroom try and convience me how great all those girls were, how it was suich a hard thing to do and they were all just so fantastic for getting up there. ummm...hows bout no! what a goose. seriously. if it was such a big thing to do, such a triumphant feat, wouldnt you just not do it? its not like ur saving the world by parading around in next to nothing. bloody stupid women who support bikini contests.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

finding nemo is great, it was fabo. i throughly enjoyed it, had a giggle. sharon, sharons friend (that i uses to work with, who i have forgotten the name of again) thomas, howie and i went to the mall to see it. i havent seen a movie at the mall in ages, i was at the mall today though. the mall pisses me off at times, especially now that i know its becoming a westfield.
when tom came to pick me up to go see nemo, i wasnt ready. i would like to point out to those genralising follk, that i did get ready in a few minutes, not hours, minutes. while i was doing so, tom and howie inspected my house. wasnt the best day fro an inspection as its a huge mess but i think they had fun none the less.

before finding nemo i had a rehersal for helens majorwork. i tired to be in the mood for rehersals, i think i sucked at being in a rehersal mood. i know more now how much i am over performing myself, id much rather direct or write or just do behind the scenes stuff.

this guy at the petrol station saw sarah and i pumping air into her tires. he made such a smug remark. "oh what an ordeal, putting air in your tires." i quickley jumped up and said, "no, no, its all quite simple actually, we are managing fine." he just rolled his eyes at us like we were so patheitic and imcapable of such a simple task. screw men like that. i dont know much aboput cars or sports but the same goes for alot of men. i know enough to get my through life and i can manage without some smuck of a man patronising me. i was not impressed. he got in his truck and drove away thinking he had just witnessed some feat of womenhood, but really, im sure alot of women folk put air in their tires all the time, it really isnt that big a deal. so if anyone sees a lady putting air in her tires, dont make a smug comment, leave her to get on with her day, cause women have busy fufilling lives aswell.

Monday, September 01, 2003

how strange, i was sure i posted this morning but it doesnt seem to be there. maybe i didnt end up posting it. oh well, it was something rather boring about waking up late and enjoying mondays.

tonight kara, reagan and i went out for dinner in manly, ate ice cream and played pool. reagans a funny chap. he walks like the world is against him, drives like he is immortal and talks like he needs reasurrance but doesnt quite know how to handle it. no one would eat when we were in the resturant. it was crazy. we had 2 big pizzas between the 3 of us to share and the kara and reagan probably ate 2 pieces each. not me though. i was filled sufficently. maybe cause reagan likes kara he wouldnt eat much. whatever the reason was, it bothered my somewhat. food is for eating, we have been blessed with more than we could ever need so we shouldnt waste it and be silly about it.
the other thing about dinner was that reagan paid. paid for the lot. my glass of wine, our pizzas, our coke, everything, he paid for. i did try to give him money, but he wouldnt take it. i decided that if he was going to be all like that and pay, i wasnt going to return the guesture by hassling him to take money of us. so i tried a few times, then gave up. so if he was just being polite in not taking the money, and really wanted it, then he shouldnt have been polite.
i should say, "reagan paid for our dinner, what a nice boy".
... reagan paid for our dinner, what a nice boy.
i got ice cream aswell. oh yum. though i was rather annoyed. finally i make it to this bloody ice cream store when its open, and the lovely girl behind the counter informs me that they have just run out of cookie dough. i was a little disstressed, but got over it and had strawberry freddos instead.
and that was my evening.