Saturday, July 31, 2004

home from a big night out...hmmm. not so big as i have craft fair tomorrow morning.
tonights experience... was somewhat... different. there was a stripper. i had no idea. Crazy. I couldn't believe someone actually did that for a job. Well it was funny. we all went in the room for the speeches and then all of the sudden this woman came in and took of ALL her clothes and danced all over the birthday boy. i was in shock, but i think everyone else enjoyed it - especially the boys. She was a bit gross but, like the things she was doing. we all had an in depth conversation about how we would never do that, except some admitted the money was tempting. Kara also attempted to re enact a kiss she had seen - with me. ah dear. the funnies are endless. i love that group of friends, even though we have drifted apart and they are all a bit crazy, but who isnt crazy? no such thing as normal. just crazy in a different way. I think the birthday boy had a good time. good ole benno. we danced too, in their pool room. just me, sal l, rach, georgia, kara, tara and claire - the only ones willing to make complete fools of themselves to soundtracks such as 'hey mickey', and britney tunes. yay. im glad i went in the end. and i wore my sneakers - whawhoooo

heyyyyy... You know how in Aboriginal culture they don't let woman play the digerrido? And you know how in Muslim culture they don't like women reading the Koran? Well is it disrespectful for me to play the digerido or read the Koran?

Last night was brilliant. Those girls are just fantastic. We played 'catch phrase' and all got very involved and excited, and then pictonary which was equally as hilarious and involving. We ate chicken and chips and popcorn and pringles and chocolate cake. They have got their own little community going and its so cute.
After small group, my dad helped we deliver girls home, and then I got to drive home from balgowlah, all the way to chatswood to pick up James and then back home. I was doing really well till we got back near my place and forgot to look at a give way sign and almost got a ute in the side of me...Oops. Once I stop almost crashing I might be a good driver. I can change lanes and turn corners much better now, still got parking to tackle and not crashing.
I have a 21st tonight. I really enjoy parties, but I never know what to wear. Such a silly girl thing to worry about, but it really bothers me. I don't want to ruin the theme, but I don't want to wear high heels. Ben said I could wear my pjs though.
I've got 6 hours of Hannah minding before I have to worry about that anyway. Good stuff. I love Hannah

Friday, July 30, 2004

I have approximatly 21mins to get myself in a happy energetic yay mood. Tired and cranky today, not much fun, bit annoying. I'm sure I could get myself out of it if i tried hard enough though.
I was talking to Daniel today in our lunch break and we were having a reasonably private conversation - not too private, just not a whole world conversation I would feel like having. But when we went back to class, and the teacher asked us for examples, he kindly introduced me and my topic. I went so red in the face. I thought I was going to faint. Very scary. Tafe is like that but, a big 2 year counselling session. Always have to bring out personal examples and stuff. I guess we have to practise on each other, and work out how we deal with things before we can work with other people dealing with their stuff. Makes me want to go home and sleep though, just sleep the whole thing away...then maybe come back and pick up my diploma later and magically have all the skills I need.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

11 out of 28...hmm getting there.

Calling churches is scary. I do think it's funny the different call waiting music but. Some little churchs have none, but a big pentecostal church had hip and happening christian music, and the anglican office had opera music or something similar. Well if your ever not sure what kind of church you are, just get them to put you on call waiting and you can get some sort of idea.

Speaking of scary things, I've had enough of them for one week. argh. I guess you just have to do them, I might say in the bible somewhere "go do scary things cause God wants you too" - maybe in not so many words. It does say "but you will recieve power when the the holy spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth" - And I'm still in Belrose so I shouldn't be too scared, plus I'll have power.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Just returned from the meeting of fun. Long list of things to do now, seems to happen as a result of these meetings. I just wrote out a list of things to do tomorrow, not just refugee stuff but everything and it's literally 30 things... My goodness. I think it's just that time of year, I've been good, much better then last year, but it gets to this point in the year where everything is about to happen so everyone's running around with their heads cut off. Even with all the things I cut out, the things I did decide to commit to this year all seem to get really big about now and for the next few months. Ah well. Just add some work and tafe - no worries.
I am really excited though, even with much busyness and a tinge of stress it is all so great, I am so blessed to be apart of these things. It's a privilege.
I remember Jonny spoke at an Extreme camp how it was a privilege to sacrifice for God, and it was a privilege that he uses us. And I reckon it is. I'm a big goosehead but God still chooses to use me, and bothers to take the time to put up with silly unreliable me. He is too good.
and wow, I remember stuff from an extreme camp

What does a day with no tafe entail? update to my links list (welcome all, sorry it took so long), a look at knitting patterns on the internet, a look at tafe websites and the tear website, only 1 episode of law and order cause I'd seen the other one, and lots of nutella toast.

pretty darn boring.

Maybe tomorrow I'll go do something productive.

I have a meeting tonight - bum no pub for me. But it's ok cause SOOCRG event tomorrow night! how exciting. If it's still happening?

Didn't go to tafe again. I feel pretty sick today, lots of snot n stuff. I started off by sleeping in, but then I got up to go, made it half way up the road and turned around cause I realised today's classes was occupational health and safety. Very boring and tedious, so I combined all my excuses and have set out for a day on the couch with my box of tissues (mm aloe vera too). There will be some law and order on soon and that always helps.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

ahhhh argh blerh poo
good I hope

Today was great fun. I've met some fun people at work. I occasionally work with this girl who I know from somewhere, and she thinks she knows me too, but we are yet to work out where we know each other from. It's funny but cause as we have gone through all the possibilities we have worked out that we know heaps of the same people. Such a small small world.
Another girl I get to work with is friends with Anna Phyllis. She is lots of fun. She lives about the same difference away from work as I do (but in the other direction), and her boyfriend lives in hornsby, and their anniversary is 3 days after mine and howies. We were rather amused.
So work was good, even though I was scared. I think I just had to not worry so much about not knowing how to do stuff, plus I have got more experience since last time I was there, so all happy chappys.
That's all I can blog about I think. I should probably have a job where I'm allowed to talk about what happened that day more, it's very hard for someone like me who talks so much.
Oh but I did have a nice train trip home. I think some other bloggers were posting stuff from ecclesiastics and I was interesting in what I was reading, so I read some. oh I like that book of the bible. 
And I also experienced some grace from some city rail officers, they were going to fine me for having my feet on the seat but must have been in a good mood. I won't put my feat on the seats anymore.

Monday, July 26, 2004

While I was washing up, I was thinking how good it is to be able to read other peoples thoughts on their blogs. It really makes me feel not so stupid. I'm glad I'm not the only person in the world that feels certain ways, it's very comforting, and reassuring that I am not completely abnormal.

Bludged a day off tafe today...ooops...I didn't get very far into the semester for old habits to re appear. Ah well, I'll try again.
I managed to do a whole pile of stuff I needed to do though.
Working tomorrow, gotta go back to the scary day centre. I hope I have a better day then I did last time. Good on work hey? I'm impressed. Good on Jane French even more.
And workplacement is exciting too.

I had a profound thought to blog before, but alas, it has disappeared. Might go to the washing up and maybe something blogworthy will come to mind. Maybe I should go out on an adventure looking for blog worthy material.
gotta do the washing up but

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Got to catch up with Tara today. So good. We went to Dee Why woollies and bought lots of picnic stuff and then went and sat on a table near the beach. It frustrates me how much things have changed, I guess it's probably all good, but I'm still frustrated and probably a little sad. Maybe one day I will have to accept that life does actually change after school, and friendships change etc... Bout time I got over it probably.
But I am really a happy little vegemite. Today was a fun day...Hmmm, it got good after 2ish I think.
retirement villages seem like such fun.
Ernie kids are the bomb.
Church was really good.
Maccas is always the best.
Car park shenanigans were silly and fun.
Poor Hannah van key.
...And now...Sleep!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

shrek 2 was fun. Not sure of what my review should be, I did enjoy it, I laughed, I "awww'ed".

Coming home sucked. Stupid trackwork. argh I hate trackwork buses soooo much. there seemed to be millions of drunk young men that filled the bus. They were fairly rude. One started to talk to me, telling me that the other guys on the bus were much ruder then him and his friend was yelling out things they were planning for their evening in the city. I was polite for about 5 seconds and then put my headphones in. Headphones are great, even if you can hear someone you can pretend you can't. Then then then, that counting crows song came on the radio and I was impressed.

I won't miss middle of the night travels too much when I get my license, I especially won't miss trackwork.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Got off msn hours ago to go to bed, but somehow ended up bowling. Bit of random fun.
Sometimes you feel as if you have billions of friends and other times you feel lonely and as if you're missing millions of people all the time. I guess stuff changes and there are different phases throughout your life, I just wish they were no lonely ones.

Small groups are funny. I think 13 year olds thoughts just move at a different pace to mine. Every week I walk away in a bit of shock. It all goes so fast and crazy, we jump and swap and change and talk at an incredible pace. People literally jump up out of their chairs to share a funny story. So many screams and giggles. As soon as everyone goes home, I can barely remember all that just happened. Crazy. And even with such a fast pace we never get through a bible study. We were even vibey today. Worship can be vibey sometimes I guess. They are all so cool, so special. But at the end of the year, I think I'll only have half of the group left since everyone's moving away or graduating to Ernie senior. Very sad.

Little kids are so cute. There was a little boy on the bus this morning, he and his mum were going shopping for presents from what I gathered. She kept asking him what they should buy baby Marcus, and 15 year old Tim, and cousin Amy...Etc etc...The boy kept saying "spiderman toy, spiderman toy". He was very passionate about spiderman it seemed. He even got angry when his mum pointed out that none of them would want to be given a spiderman toy. He said "I hate you mum", bit harsh really. Its funny how kids do that, be really lovey dovey but angry hating too. hmmm I'd just like a lovey dovey kid thanx.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Such a good day.
I spent 2 hours in a hairdresser, and a lot of money - but we won't be negative. I'm not the most girlie of girls, but man do I love spending time at the hairdresser. The dude who cut my hair was so nice, we were silly. So relaxing people playing with your hair. It's now a slightly different colour, a fair bit shorter and straight for the moment. Straight hair makes me happy.
Law and order makes me happy too. Double SVU episode tonight. Poor Olivia, she got stalked again.
Stationary still makes me happy aswell. Oooh I was tempted to buy a whole new folder today.
But buying new underwear makes me happy too. I think Sal has talked about this. If I had money more often, I think I could quite easily become addicted. Apart from that shopping doesn't make me happy - generally more annoyed, but today was a fun shopping day, even on my own.

Howie's fun too. I actually got to see him. Amazing. Twas good.

To bed Josephine.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Buying tea when your out is such a rip off. $3 for a pot of tea in which they use 1 tea bag and some hot water. I could buy a whole pile of tea bags for $3. Oh well, I still buy it. If I liked coffee it would be better. People who drink coffee are way cool.
Kara and I went out for 'coffee' (tea and hot chocolate for her) last night in chatswood. Very pleasurable. Best friends are always good for a bit of reality. I don't kick anyone up the bum like I kick Kara, and no one kicks me up the bum like Kara. It makes me laugh too, as much as sometimes its hard. But it's very good, it's important to have people around who kick you up the bum. Good on kicking.

Monday, July 19, 2004

We always used to want longer breaks. Half an hour just didn't seem to cut it last semester, but now we have a whole hour, I just don't know what to do with myself.
It is good to be back though. Only thing that is really worrying me is the colour coordination of my folder - its very ugly. It was only semi ugly until we got coloured handouts. That's the problem with green - it doesn't always match other colours nicely.
Plus they came and took some of our class mates away. We haven't had as many drop outs as the other class, and we have some more part timers joining us so they took 4 of our class to put in the other. It was sad. Someone even cried. I guess we all have got to be a tight group in the last 6 months. I was excited to see Pam and Lyn this morning... yep, pretty sure its good to be back.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Haven't blogged much for some reason. Lately I'm just not blogging when I don't feel like it, which is new.
Today felt like a really long day. I totally embarrassed myself in the 10am service in front of the whole congregation - but we won't go there again. Oh dear,  I am a big silly idiot. It wasn't just small time embarrassment - I'm talking big time stuff up. I'll try laughing about it tomorrow.
There was a massive blackout that seemed to go forever this afternoon too. Just in the middle of a law and order episode too - I was upset at that poor timing. I was really bored not being able to use the computer or TV or any cooking utensils. My dear mother arrived home to rescue me though. She was desperate for a cup of tea so we ventured off in search of power and tea. We got cake too. It was good to hang out with my mum, we were silly and laughed but also serious at the same time. She is a good woman.
Tafe tomorrow - yay... I'm almost excited. Should be good I think. Got a new green folder for this semester. Stationary always makes things seem brighter and aids in a cheerier outlook.
To sleep for me, so I can arise to another day of fun...Hopefully with less embarrassment.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

goodbye vacation care for another holidays... aww i love vacation care. but its ok cause looks like ill get to be there even more next holidays.
and we all emerged without too much injury. few lost earrings, broken necklaces, couple of brusies and cuts - but mainly all just tired from a long fun sometimes taxing days of activity.
i made a friend too. she's another carer and shes fun. she even gave me lifts to the station several afternoons. we went to hand in our timesheets this arvo and stayed in the office chatting with the coordinators like old women. im throughouly exausted. stayed out too late last night. always find that the best time for a birthday parties and pasties and cake and d&ms is in the middle of the night.
i wish i didnt need to sleep, and i could just sleep as a lesuire activity for as long or as short as i felt i could sceduale in and it not effect the rest of my life so much

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I went and had dinner at my aunty's place tonight. Me, mum, James, Chery, john, Adelaide and grandma. It was so good. I love my family. Since my grandfather died everything I get to spend time with them I feel like I get to know more of myself. I don't think I realised how important family were, but they are, yes yes they are.

we even talked about another Kemp curse - the one of hoarding piles of crap. My grandfather collected newspapers, videos of stuff he had taped of TV, CD's, gadgets, and millions of other assortments of stuff. But we all do it to some degree. I have huge difficulties throwing out any bits of paper - whether it be a letter or a note, or a program or information or brochures...Even bustickets sometimes. Its shocking. It takes me about three separate goes at least for something to land in the bin. Just about everyone else collects books, lots of books that no one ever gets around to reading. But I discovered tonight that any books with writing in them are a favorite - like with someone's name in the front or something. Crazy. Magazines are a hit too. Rocks, plastic bags, furniture - never anything of much value. We are all so stupidly sentimental, but more then that too - stubborn? Silly? Not really sure of the meaning behind these actions. I think I'm probably a pretty bad case. I'm getting better though. I have to shake it cause I don't want to end up in a house like my grandfathers.

we had such a colourful dinner too. Pink of the salmon, green of the asparagus and beans, and purple of the cauliflowers... hehe, my cousin insisted Chery buy purple cauliflowers. I never knew it existed. It was yummy and very bright.

and all the papers have been signed, just have to go to the rta and ... I officially own a car! Amazing. God is so good to me, no way did I ever expect I'd get a car for years and years.

happy 11 monthness to me...

Monday, July 12, 2004

Well I continued my church adventure, and now its over for this holidays.
I went to the Anglican church down the road a bit more. It was good, rather different to St Stephens again, and very different from the Baptist church in the morning. I did like the sermon, it was very biblical and strong. Nice and straight down the line factual, but still connecting with your heart. Nice balance. The rest of the service was good too. Id like to see it another week cause apparently a lot of the church were away on camp, so it was very short and there was not much of a music team.
it was nice being small though, we went around and said what we were thankful for. Cause the sermon was on being content and rejoicing in all circumstances. I didn't say anything cause I was too scared, I am thankful for plently though. I started to think of a few things and the list just went on and on and on...

and afterwards some of them came to maccas with me. That was nice. I felt really welcomed and accepted. I got a welcome CD too. Very posh.

I thought it was really cool how welcoming and friendly the people I met yesterday were. I think it was a really good experience going to other church's, I think I've been to ccc once or twice with mum, but apart from that I've been at St Stephens for about 8 years and that's it. Yeah, I had fun. I think I'll go to some more next holidays

Sunday, July 11, 2004

I'm having a day of lots of different things
went to student alpha but it didn't really happen. We just ate nachos and went on our way. Actually sally was sharing her testimony and then I left almost at the end. Kara had called and asked me to go watch her boyfriend play football with her and since alpha was a no go I thought what better to do then hang with Kara. Carl even came too.
do pacsifts have a problem with football? I reckon they should. So very violent. There's this horrible sound you hear when they slam into each other. Rather disturbing actually. I'm still not interested in football, as much as I try it just doesn't float my boat. I just keep quiet when I'm watching a game, especially if we are actually there in the flesh watching, cause I always say silly things. Like "who won?" - when the score was 58-nil, or "is this afl or the other one?", people either get offended or laugh, and I don't want to offend any big buff football players cause they'll bash me

Today I decided to not go to st Stephens and go visiting other churches in the area...

this morning I went to the Baptist church across the road. It was nice. As soon as I walked in I felt as if I should have had a hat on my head that said "I'm already a Christian, don't get too excited". They were really nice people, very friendly. I got mobbed after the service, so I quickly departed. I probably should have stayed and chatted but I knew that it wouldn't take long before some connection were discovered (not that I know anyone, but I've found myself acquainted with these people who know every Christian in Sydney eg-Helen, Tom, Howie, Steve Wade etc), and I was thoroughly enjoying the fact I knew no one there. The sermon was interesting. I was a little concerned when the first thing he talked about how we should be emulating Colin Buchanan...But it picked up. I was the only person there between 7 and 30 I reckon. Lots of elderly and young families, but nothing in between. Kind seems to be a familiar story. I find that really sad. He went on to talk about being salt and light in the world and encouraged everyone to strive to reach our culture and community and be in constant development of our evangelistic skills and gifts. We went through 6 evangelism styles too. He said that everyone had a role in God's plan, and that if we weren't involved then the unique gifts we had to offer were being missed. He said he wasn't trying to burden us or make us feel guilty about not being involved but that if we weren't in the role that god had equipped us for then God;s plan was missing out on a special piece. I do think that god has a specific purpose and plan for our lives, but I reckon he's probably big enough to get on with the job without us. But it was still a nice service, good to go somewhere different.
ooh and we sang 'shine Jesus shine', it totally went off!

Friday, July 09, 2004


Anarchist is not spelt anacrist, or anacist or any other collection of a variety of letters I might come up with.


Although I am defiantly sure I am not one. I think I spend more time trying to work out what the rules actually are in the first place, and much less time trying to intentionally go out to rebel against rules.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

howie just called. He was at Launceston airport picking up someone with someone. It seems that Poatina has no reception now. Other times it has had some, yes he did have to go stand in some special circle of reception he found, but at least there was some. But now, reception at all. That sucks bad. It sounds cold too. My UNCLES thermals might come in handy. Stupid Poatina.

I'm rather upset. I came home so I could watch law and order but there are people in my lounge room watching home alone 2...Very upsetting for me.

on brighter notes, I had dinner with Kara this evening. That was nice. Her boyfriend came home covered in mud from football training. He looked like he had had fun. Made me think how fun it would be to go play in the mud, like have a big fat mud fight...Yeah. Almost as good as a pie fight. People keep asking me about pie fights actually, we should have another one soon.

I did enjoy my day off today. I relaxed but also had productive bursts throughout the day which was positive. I cleaned the shower, did some washing, made a few phone calls that I had been meaning to do and even got some lunch time law and order in (good old TV1). I think days off should be more like today. I didn't get stressed or annoyed or sad, good day.

I think I'm going to the aquarium tomorrow. I hope so, I hope we didn't plan a picnic or something. I'm sure it'll be fun. Oh how I love my job. I get so tired by the end of the day, but all the kids are still going strong, crazy. Hannah even was there the other day. She's the funnest. There's even a giant trampoline at the school which we spent ages and ages on. She makes me smile so much. lots of the kids too. We made hats that day too, and painted. I had a great time. On the way home I noticed I had paint and glitter all over my jumper but that's all good. I think I was messier then the kids.

I blogged yesterday but it disappeared.

I have a new computer, its very exciting, thanks David. And I even have internet on it now. Its so good to have a computer, so good.

when I got the computer off David, it had a homestar runner background, and random phrases like 'free the refugees', 'I am a computer' and 'jos an anacrist' as a screen saver...But then howie came over and now it has howieshalfpipe background, and howie pictures on the screen saver. I have never met someone who likes bad photos of themselves so much. Funny boy

Monday, July 05, 2004

looking forward to getting up at 630 tomorrow morning...and for the majority of the other mornings inthe next 11 days. funtastic

apart from the early mornings im mostly excited about working. little worried about some certin things after the meeting today, but im sure ill cope. its definatly a good thing that theres a whole pile of us working together, im sure id kill myself or someone else would die if it was just me by myself running the show. but fun. i dont think ill get to as many fun places as last holidays, but i get to make masks and hats and roll around on the floor. i like that im getting to know the kids in the area too. like when we were going through all the profiles i knew heaps of the kids already from different programs and stuff. good fun.

i should sleep.

alpha was good tonight. we had a sudden influx of people. that took me a bit by suprise. it was great but. still shocks me how much people grow without me noticing. all these year 9 girls are in year 12...crazy. so big.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

the weekend is over. and what a weekend it was.

friday arvo was small group social, some pizza and a hang at my house. i was feeling really out of it, i just wanted to sleep or watch tv by myself, but the prescense of 50 billion young ones in my lounge room was good, they are always cheery and fun.

friday night was sarahs 18th. i had to quickley get dressed and ready to race down so i wasnt too late. i felt like an alien for most of the night. there i was in a cocktail dress, with high heels and make up, standing on the balcony of a 3 story house sipping a pina colada...hmmm...felt a little strange, very different anyway. there was dancing, and chatting, and general partyness - i think there were a fair few dramas too, kind of kept out of all of that mess. i think sarah had fun, thats th emost important thing. i got home bout 230 but still didnt get to sleep for ages.

saturday day i arose and went off to work. i love my job. we went and saw the hornsby gang show. it was great! so funny! im s sucker for varity shows. it did go on for 2 and a half hours but we all enjoyed it. in the interval i saw micheal and i introduced him to one of the guys in the group. for the rest of the day he was bragging that he had met someone in the cast. hehehe such a celebrity.

saturday night i trundled off to hornsby station after work to meet everyone for davids byebye/birthday dinner. i was starting to feel a bit bleh by this stage. it all turned out good though. im glad i went, it was a good night at the resturant.

finally got home after a bit of cafufull...and went to sleep bout 2ish.

woke up super early sunday morning for craft fair. crazy job that one. tom and howie picked me up and off we all went for church.
i like the morning service, feels righter. twas good.
then the 3 of us went to the airport, waved goodbye to david, ate lunch, bought krispy kreme, and headed back to belrose.
howie and i hung out for the afternoon before church. we both fell asleep for a while - silly silly, i complain i dont get to see him and then i sleep when i do.

night church, maccas, home.


feels like a big weekend. im working almost everyday for the next 2 weeks. im looking forward to that. something different and fun to do, and some money - yes thatll be nice.

maybe now its sleep time, i wonder what ill stay awake thinking about tonight, i have a feeling its going to be programs and dramas.

theres a lot to catch up on, but for now we are at the airport.
said bye to david. very strange.
we had to take this oppurtunity t0 blog from the airport and to also buy some krispy kreme.
david should be getting on his plane bout now


Friday, July 02, 2004

so sleepy

for the last 2 nights I haven barely got any sleep. The night before last I stayed awake thinking about referral forms, and woke up several times during the night to continue those thoughts. I woke up in the morning thinking about intake assessments. Last night I went to sleep thinking about case note, and woke up during the night thinking about filing. This morning I finally woke up thinking about emails and cupboards. I need some excitement in my life. These are not a very interesting things to keep myself awake about each night.

tonight I have to wear a dress. I feel like going to this party in my pjs. But I love Sarah. She's so funny, this party tonight which is her party, is a black and white cocktail party, but she is wearing red. Should be a good night, even if I do have to shave my legs and wear heels.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

my Harry views...

I don't think I think anything wrong with Harry. I grew up never being allowed to watch movies with witches or spells or murders or other scary stuff in them. So I haven't been de-sensitizes to them like most normal people. When I first watched a scary movie (which wasn't even that scary - scream 2) I was soo scared I fell off my chair in the cinema. I was like 15 but I just wasn't used to it. I still hate scary movies. The witch stuff is sort of the same I think, it doesn't particuarily scare me, I just don't think its good. And I just don't like that genre of movies. But I think the same principle goes. I don't think its a good thing that people be used to watching people run around scared and getting cut up, same as I don't think its a good thing people get used to or comfortable with spells and things. I don't mind if other people are into it at all. I'm just cautious about the effects it might have. Our subconscious is easily effected.

example - when I watch too much law and order, and then go outside in the middle of the night with my dog, I sometimes feel like someone's going to come get me...That sounds bit silly, but my mind is set that rapes and murders and heinous crimes happen all the time and theres a reasonable possibility that I could be a victim.

another example - when I was on uluru, we only listen to 'appropriate music', I'm still unsure how to actually define that but for the purpose of this post I think it was music without swearing, didn't talk about sex or violence etc...At the end of the trip I almost immediately noticed the difference in the way I felt when I started listening to normal music again. It was really strange, and I don't really want to admit this. But even the music we listen to has an effect on your sub conscious.

i like music that may not be appropraite (not CAUSE its inappropriate), and i love law and order, i do though realise that it might not alwasy be best to emerse yourself in these things, and maybe parents should be cautious of the things that children are exposed to.

i could add in some biblical quote bout not feeling energetic to get up and find my bible to find where the verse is exactly, but you know that one in phillipians about thinking on things that are lovely, pure good etc...and im sure there are plently of other verses. i do think its a personal thing though, it does depend how different things effect you.

missed out on pubbing last night which was a bit sad, i like the pub.
i got to go to a meeting though. it was alright. intense is alwaya the word that springs to mind when thinking about these particular meetings. just so many super motivated, passionate people sitting in the one room. pretty much everyones a professional or executive or ex executive. and then theres me, 20 years younger then everyone else, whos studying some diploma at tafe. i dont feel as if i measure up really. last night especially i really felt like i was fighting t be there. i dont think this one person meant to be rude to me, but it happened several times. i dont think i was mentally prepared.
the meeting was good though. we got stuff done. really exciting too. i stayed up really late thinking about forms and documents. really boring thing to stay awake thinking about actually.