Thursday, December 16, 2004

unfortunatly there is no sexy paper clip man inside my computer trying to pick me up, it was my brothers friend simon. He downloaded some computer practical joke thing...well he got me good. Concern and worry will now disapear, no virus goodie. I don't think a relationship with the paper clip man would have worked out anyway, probably aren't suited really.
It's bloody 3:30 in the morning. Lucky no working tomorrow ey. Fun must be had, so sleep can be sacraficed. It's a cost, a big cost, but I'm willing to take it. If I sleep past 9am I'll be a super duper happy chappy. I haven't been able to sleep in as much as I'd like, no matter what time I go to bed - be it 10pm, 3am, even 7am I seem to wake at around 9, 10 at the latest. Not very effiecent really.
I think I have tonsilitis. Can't be sure, but it sort of feels like tonsilitis, sore and stuff. Will put a visit to the doctor on my list of things to do ok? good.