Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Today at work, coming home in the van, I was playing with my tongue right. I was also sitting next to a little boy who looked at me and got so confused and interested with this shiny thing in my mouth. He kept saying 'tongue, tongue' asking me to stick my tongue out, and saying 'marble' and guessing all these other things it could be. I taught him 'tongue ring'. The rest of the way home he had his tongue out and his hand in his mouth looking for his tongue ring saying 'where where'. When his mum came to pick him up he asked her to stick her tongue out and asked her where her tongue ring was. Poor boy, I think I confused him. Kids notice things like that so quickly .
In other news I think I've worked out this voting thing, and I think I even know who I'm going to vote for, well half, still got to work out this senate business then I'm right.

What do I blog? Not everything, but not nothing, but something, but not some things.
So sleepy.
It's been a mad/crazy couple of days. Working, my goodness. I'm starting to forget what hands smell like when they haven't been in gloves and alcohol hand wash. I'm dreaming about clients, especially noises...My whole dream last night was to a soundtrack of this noise one of the guys makes. And white vans, they are haunting me.
But work is lovely. I'm not sure how enjoyable being team leader boss lady is. I like holding keys, and getting a work phone, and a funky first aid kit...But so many scary stressful things. Everything moves so fast. Both lorna and I forgot to go to the toilet or eat all day today. Just wooosh wooosh.
and and and how good is getting lifts to work??? So glad for other silly people who live over this neck of the woods and work in hornsby.
other goodfun things have been happening apart from work too. Like driving to Newcastle! I really love driving. and Chinese food...Well, really, food in general is just tops. And silliness. Tom and I had sillier and sillier conversations all the way to candid sex talk when we hut turramurraish.
And seeing revive last Friday night (I'm really backtracking now). That night was so much fun. I felt like a 'real' Christian having connections and what not. And breaking into tanya's car, I sooo almost had it. Who would have thought an issue like that would have brought about so much fun and community?
And last night was spesh too. I got to go to family dinner at Kara's so celebrate her birthday, and then to chatswood for Sal's birthday. A security guard told us we weren't allowed in the park after dark, what a bum. Kinda funny as we were playing silly little kids games and we got kicked out by buff security men. One day we should actually be doing something naughty when we get in trouble.
Lots of other good stuff to, like Bangladesh - I'm going there. That's super. Got to get money first, then I can really go. But for now I won't let that get me down... Excitement plus
I'm going to have dinner with my dad tonight, I'm not sure what time he is picking me up. I've already called him twice to ask, but each time I forget again. I'll just be ready I guess

Sunday, September 26, 2004

I'm home alone! James and barbs left for Queensland yesterday. I love my brother, he changed the background on my computer to a map of the are and it says "Jo just to remind you where everything is while were gone cause you seem to get lost a fair bit". Good on ya James.
How good is sleeping in till 12? Fabulous. I can't remember the last time I got to do that. Today is fun. Gotta get myself organised for my week of craziness, then off to see a musical with some of my girls.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

also...what has happened to food court? such an amazing show up today - me and my pizza slice. tops effort.

So much fun pretending to be an office lady today. I sat at the computer for hours and hours, and made lots of phone calls. So posh. Such a fun office too. I feel as if I achieved something today, I was very over it by the afternoon, but I struggled through. Very few areas in my life do I really keep pushing through whatever task is boring or getting hard. So Very proud. And the even more tops thing about pretending to be an office lady is that when you leave - its all in the office, saved on the computer, or written in files - you take nothing home from what you've been doing all day, no thinking or continuing it after you leave, its gone. I like some things in my life staying in little boxes. I like doing things that have a set time frame instead of a set result - much easier to feel organised and on top of it.
Wasn't that a little self analytical? Maybe a bit too much so for now

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Rush rush Rush.
that was one of the longest meetings I've been to I think. I said I'd do too many jobs - oops. How can you say no? This is the stuff I'm passionate about, this is the stuff I WANT to do.
minded Hannah this arvo. Had a nice quick chat with jofrench in the bush. Nice little reality break - more of a break into reality rather then out of it this time.
feeling good. Tomorrow I get to do things I don't know how to do...As exciting as that sounds, a sleep in just sounds that little bit more appealing. I'm so thankful though, I get to do such fun things. Just got to get on top of it - argh, how much do I want to be on top of everything. My heads spinning, all different directions.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

This week and the next 2 are weeks of amazingness. Very very busy. All things I love to do so that's good. I think I'll buy weekly tickets to hornsby - oooh that'll be exciting, haven't done that before.
I didn't sleep so good last night. Probably because my friend from tafe messaged me just as I was drifting off telling me we had to be on time today as we had an inclass assessment...I hadn't remembered. Oops. Plus I had decided to not go to this morning class to finish off my other assessment that's due today - those plans had to go out the window and I re-set my alarm. I'm really not very on top of this tafe business at the moment. Next term hopefully I'll sort it out, I really want to be organised.
in other news, don't you wish you were like samantha from bewitched sometimes? I think that'd be tops. She thinks so on her feet, even when a super tricky situation comes up she can just freeze time, think about it, and appropriately respond. I get really annoyed with myself when I respond to something stupidly. I try and be helpful, but not always.

Monday, September 20, 2004

I can't keep up with the young folk these days! All the youth group youngies have all these different names for each other that I keep forgetting and then I get in trouble!
I know someone's called showerhead, another's called bandaid, maybe there's a hairdryer...Maybe a polkadot? But then sometimes even more random names come out like SAF or SAK...And I'm left confused.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

I've barely been home all weekend, been good, but sleepy and little worried about assessments that are due tomorrow and Wednesday.
Friday was tafe. Came home early to prepare for small group and then met up with my girls at the shops for some goodbye chips and silly photos. That was nice, they are special girls. Super sad to say goodbye to one of them. Then there was small group, hmmmm, we didn't get much bible study done. That's ok though.
Then we got picked up and off to luna park for goodbye to the whole family of carrolls. luna park is the bomb. So much fun. We ran around non stop for the whole 4 hours we were there. Upside down rides even! I'm such a woose, but I just screamed and kept going on them all. It was sad, but a good send off. Happy/fun seems an ideal atmosphere for a farewell.
Got home about 2, in time for some sleep.
Hannah minding Saturday. We went to Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn. Hannah enjoyed herself, we made friends.
driving lesson, home, shower, dinner, get ready at rachs, clubbing.
We went to a super fun Latin club. I'd never been into the city out out before. I'm glad we didn't go anywhere too dressy/normal/form, it was good where we went. It was kind of hard to get into for a while. Few situations where I didn't quiet know what to do. But fun was had, its all about the fun. I much much prefer someone to ask to dance then to just grab and presume I'm up for it. Yuk. There were a fair few grab and presumers around the place. It was funny watching some girls not mind, even enjoy or want grabers and presumers. Mil was very direct about the matter "we DO NOT want to dance with you and would prefer it if you would go away" - or something along those lines. Martin was great fun, he tried teaching us to dance properly when we were in the salsa room. I kept looking at my feet, how embarrassing. I want to go again, dancing is great, I don't really mind not being tops at dancing, its all about the fun of not giving a poo.
This morning I didn't have to rise till 11. I went to work, and came home to grab a jumper and then to youth group.
I'm missing church to get this assessment done, so maybe I'll go do it.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Don't listen to what they tell you, cherry ripes have no alcohol in them at all!
we had a big class discussion gone way off topic about it today. In the end we went and bought a cherry ripe from the vending machine in the hall and checked the label. But to make even more sure, we rang cadbury and they confirmed - no alcohol. So all l and p platers can eat as many as they want and drive. ha

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Reminiscing is so much fun. Carl should have more birthdays to give us the opportunity to all get together. One of my most favourite things to do must be laugh about all the silly/naughty/hilarious/stupid things we got up to a few years ago. I'm way to sentimental and caught up in past fun times, but ah how good is it to wallow in that fun, let it make you laugh just as hard again. Some stories get funnier I reckon.
yummy red wine too. And so much pizza.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I think I have an ear infection, maybe some flu sickness too. I feel yuk and hot and dizzy. I would so like some sleep.
If only I didn't leave this assessment till the last minute. Unfortunately I'm still not feeling motivated to do it. It's a pass/fail one so I don't have to worry too much, just enough to get me a pass. At the moment it's looking a little sad. A list of words down the page letting me know a paragraph about something should go there. Just fill in the gaps and then I can sleep. Goodie
It's my fault, I don't mind too much - (I'm trying to justify my complaining as not complaining)
I had beer with Tom today, actually we both had lemon lime and bitters. It was a little silly, I thought Tom had called the beer and he thought I had called the beer. It was many goods anyway.
And scripture seminars too. Always the bomb, mainly for little fantastic reasons. I'm really super glad about Jesus dying on the cross. I think I didn't fully understand it till this year, maybe last year. Seems silly, such an incredible life altering thing to just not quite get. It's a life journey too I guess.
I feel really awkward telling people howie and I broke up. Especially in passing comment. Good thing about blogs is that everyone can just know and we don't have to explain too much.
Ok, to get to where I want to go (sleep) I know what I have to do (assessment)

I'm trying to write an assessment, and I keep wanting to use the word 'adhere', it's not quite fitting...

...Hopefully its out of my system

Such small things can so easily distract from assessment writings

Monday, September 13, 2004

Pinball has by far taken become my biggest addiction over spider solitaire

I watched the oc for the first time tonight...Its like a posher looking passions.
meanwhile, it was good to hang with Kara.
scripture seminars tomorrow. Goodie.
isn't uber a funny word? I can't use it without feeling like a twat, but it's cool none the less.
I'm such a dag. Michelle came up to me last night at church and said 'hello, you will wear any t-shirt someone gives you'. Which is pretty much true. I was wearing the dag central breaklthru artz crew shirt, and once michelle asked me to wear a fair trade top. I still wear my yr12 jersey too; actually I wore it to tafe today. yep. I'm fine with being a dag. I think some people can be fashionable, and some people just aren't. I think maybe there is a genetic thing going on here. I'm comfy. Sometimes I try, much less then I once did.
What useless babble.
I had a funny argument with my mum while I was washing up this afternoon. We weren't really annoyed, sometimes we just don't understand each other too well. That's ok though, probably good, cause we get along so well these days. Its nice to be able to disagree and still be ok.

I made a friend in the elevator this morning. I like chatting to strangers. I had a nice chat with a guy at hornsby station the other day too. Strangers are fun. Id like to chat to more of them. Imagine if there were no such thing as strangers? That'd be kinda cool.
I had cold chips for lunch just then. Cold chips aren't tops. I'm always buying cold food that is supposed to be hot at the tafe canteen.
We are off to speak to Brad now! That's exciting. a real life politician. How strange. I'm not sure if we are supposed to be respectful and official like, we all think its a bit funny. We looked on his website to 'get to know him' as one of our tasks. He better be nice to us. So in about 30mins this group experience will be over! Minus a reflection essay. That's fantastic, I'm not sad that this is the end of this group task. Then ill only have one to go, and that ones a bit more fun, its all about sex.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Not good.
Everything seemed to be going brilliantly around me today. The rehearsals and Ernie and church all seemed great, peoples attitudes were awesome. Personally I wasn't getting into it the same, but that's ok. It was nice just to be around, even if I was sort of a floating mongalose.
I think I just finished tomorrows assessment too. that's a bit strange. It would be nice if I have really finished, then I can sleep. mmmmm that is good.

It's unfortunate when you reach the point where the excuse 'I don't feel like it' can't be used.
I really don't want to finish these assessments, but they are due tomorrow, then one on Wednesday. poo bum wee head.
Amiee tonight, should be exciting. I want to invite people but I can't think of anyone who would come. I could invite them anyway, but then I'll have to listen to excuses and apologies.
I'm feeling lazy.
I ate 4 krispy kreme yesterday - I love krispy kreme.
and I worked too. I don't love swimming so much, but Hannah and the other young folk enjoyed themselves. I still feel really bad for getting paid for the work I do, it's too much fun to be financially rewarded for. I'm going into the office to do unpaid work this week though, but that's for my workplacement. I don't mind though, the people I work for are really nice and fun to hang out with. We finished work a little bit early yesterday, but ended up all hanging round chatting for a while. Cause we all spend lots of time working by ourselves its extra good when we get a chance to get to know other workers. Good and fun.
Ok, I'll do my assessment and go to church.

Friday, September 10, 2004

oh my goodness
My complete lack of direction bothers me immensely on days like today.
I awoke a little after 6 and got on the bus to chatswood, then on a train to parramatta - no problems so far.
When I got off the train at Parramatta, I pulled out my map I'd copied and went in search of the specific bus stop. Although somehow I ended up walking the wrong way, round in a few circles, and then back to where I'd started only to realise it was so so close to the station - just left instead of right. argh. I spent a whole 40 minute walking around feeling lost and silly. I spoke to my dad too, he was not much use, kept telling me to head south or west or northeast - not helpful as I didn't have my compass handy!
I finally got on the bus and had to ask the bus driver if he could please let me know when he stopped at Prairiewood as I had no idea what it might look like. I got off and got my next map out to search for the spastic centre. Almost made the same mistake as before, but I stopped and asked in a petrol station and she sent me on the right track.
I thought I was so prepared with all my maps and directions, I've just got no skills in the direction field of life.
I was rather late.
The course was a bit of fun though, actually it was incredibly boring for the most of it. Handy but boring. Anyone get a gastronomy, I can feed you now, or a gravity bag. We spent lots of the time pouring water all over this big ugly mannequin called Priscilla. And having breaks, we had a lot of breaks.
What a long day. 3 hours there, 5 and a half hour course, 2 and a half hours home.
I'm sure there is a moral to this story...Jo should leave home 2 hours earlier then she thinks she needs cause she'll get lost, or maps are stupid, or just don't catch public transport the Prairiewood.

people can say some not very kind things when they are trying to be nice

Thursday, September 09, 2004


We won! yay
It was so exciting. Really get caught up in the atmosphere with you're sitting with all the die-hard parents and teachers, and the rock estiddford seems to encourage excitement and loudness. How good is the rock estiddford???
I didn't think we would win cause of all the political whoha, but yay for artistic expression winning! And up yours all you silly media people!
good on ya davo.

...I don't generally get so patriotic about things, but for some reason my school (or ex school) just does it for me. If I was feeling gushy and emotional I would say something meaningful like 'that's where my creativity was birthed', which would be true, but stuff the sentiment, I've yelled and screamed enough, it's way past my bedtime, I have to be up at 630 to go on a fat journey to Priairewood...


thankyou and goodnight

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

she was right - malt crisp is amazing.
although I feel absolutely and utterly sick right now. I can't believe just how much Kara and I just ate. Good food, I like good.
and one hour photo is rather creepy.
I'm glad i didnt fill this afternoon with assessments, watching movies and eating is much more enjoyable

I am so easily distracted.
Just finished writing the 4th copy of the briefing paper. Beacon Hill better get to keep their bloody school. And this briefing paper better be ok, it's almost too late to change it again, got go fax it off to Mr Brad Hazzard.People say such nasty things about MP's. I wonder if he's all that bad. We get to meet him on Monday, and present our delegation. I hope he is nice to us and does what we ask him to do. That'd be good, I reckon we'd pass super then.
Then this assessment will be over and I can concentrate more on SET workshops and Tan's case study. I'm looking forward to December when its all over for a few months. Oh christmas and new years - I love lots.
I want to go to Bangladesh now too.
Way too much to do now, let's just not and say we did and pretend its the end of the year and we all can celebrate.

...I'm not complaining...

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

i just did something really naughty
oh but it was so much fun!
barbs and i laughed lots, and i promised not to do it again
oooh hehehehehe

Productivity comes in waves, and stops when you hit a wall.
I didn't get too far today. I insured my car, which meant I could drive Helen to lunch - very cool, I was so excited I danced.
After a very silly conversation with the insurance man, I felt as if I was on a roll. Even though I felt like a big goose not knowing anything about insuring a car, it all seems weird to me. Either way, because I did actually get insurance sorted, I felt pumped to make another phone call I'd be putting off. I called Alice Springs TAFE and poo bum wee head, they don't run my course. So then my productivity was squashed, I went to lunch and napped. oooh and ate strawberries. I love strawberries. I think they run the course I want in Darwin, maybe I can go there. Or maybe I'll just be boring and finish this course here.
But my car's insured. That's very cool. It's sitting outside on the street cause I didn't want to crash it driving it back into the garage.

Yesterday morning, in the middle of typing out assessment 2 that was due, my keyboard broke. It just stopped working. I changed the batteries, did all the troubleshooting things, but still no luck. I've got my dad's old one now so I can still work.
stupid wireless. It did last longer then some bets, but still so stupid.

Monday, September 06, 2004

where's my lip GLOSS??

typing that doesn't do it the same justice, but still makes me giggle anyway. Thanx Sal.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

What a fantastic camp. My goodness, so fantastic.
I just love youth soo much.
Friday afternoon I did not want to go on camp, actually I think I would have done anything not to go on camp. I was definitely not in the mood. But God's a good bloke. The good thing about young people, is that they want all your attention, and you want to give it to them. So immediately I had to get out of my blerh moody world and just be a youth leader. Not that I did a good job of that for the whole weekend, but I tried. And it was worth it for me, hopefully the kiddies had good time too.
Everyone changed so much and learnt so much and were just so much fun. I cried a few times, mainly at just how much God was doing in particular people. And then a little at the powerpoint. grrr, stupid powerpoint. I'm so excited that God has given some people the gift of powerpoint, I will forever appreciate them.
Camp fire was the bomb too. I almost lost my voice was screaming/singing so much. Speaking of screaming, I hope I've left that strange secret part of me back at the camp site. I noticed over the weekend that all of the sudden I was screaming so much. We all were. I'm not normally that bad, just camp gets it out of your I guess. I love silly screaming girls.
Cabins were fun. I got to stay in both the junior girls cabins in the end. Girls are funny in the middle of the night. Sally Freeman is great.
The talks and small groups were amazing. Philippians is very cool. People were excited. I got excited. I think maybe too excited. One of the boys in my small group even told me I was so excited I was scaring him. haha oops. Well it's important. Such fun kids. They are all talking about where they will be in 2014. Goodie. I hope they are still passionate followers of Jesus.
Well I'm sounding very Christian, and very 'camp high'. I think I am on a camp high. I really didn't want to come home, but it is good to get some time to myself to even just think about all that's going on in the real world... First stop 2 assessments that are due tomorrow.

Friday, September 03, 2004

There are some things I'm not going to blog about. I guess I'm guarding myself. Some thoughts and feelings are better not published on the internet.

Last night Kara met me in chatswood and she decided I needed to see a movie. Wasn't too keen, but I went anyway. We saw suddenly 30 with a whole big group of people actually. It was a crappy movie. Very predictable.
Work yesterday was interesting. God works in mysterious ways I guess. I gave one of the clients (or consumers which they seem to call them at this particular service) a foot massage. Such a strange experience. I've never given anyone a foot massage before. Humbling I would say. Especially cause he was ignoring me the whole time. I don't think he would be someone people would jump to give a foot massage, I was certinaly a little unsettled by the idea which is silly but you get that.
And the clients cooked us lunch too, they blessed me stomach with Greek food. Then later on that day, I walked into the front room where one of the other workers was playing music with a couple of the guys. He was singing that children's song 'he's got the whole world in his hands', and you put someone's name or some thing in the line so its 'he's got Jo anna in his hands' lalala. He was putting all the clients names in the song and going round the circle. Everyone had big smiles on their faces and getting into it with their instruments. I thought that was so special.
Beer is great, and so are friends

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Who's tired and over it?


I'll try and restrain myself from complaining too much.

yay it's spring!

Got to see Sarah this afternoon too. She's fun isn't she. I love cookie dough. Makes me happy no matter what. And it never changes, always yummy. And you can pretty much always buy it. And it doesn't cost too much. Very handy and reliable.