Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Blah blah

I feel so in over my head all the time. I'm trying so hard to be proactive.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I'm excited about moving. I think it could be fun. We looked at a place today that I hope we move in to. I like it, brother James - not so much, but I see potential. I've mapped out my room, all depending on whether my bed fits. I'd give up any dream room to keep my bed, even sleep in the loungeroom if I got to keep my bed...Such a beautiful big bed.
Yes moving is exciting. I'm looking forward to a fresh start, something new and different. This house is fun, and I really hate moving, but I'm seeing how good this could be.
And valentines day, very nothing day for me. I wasn't sitting very opinionatedly on either side of the fence. I don't have a huge hatred for the day, and no desire to participate in the day, just a big blerh of 'sure'. I went into work and everyone asked 'what did you get, what did you get???'; very excitedly, I replied with my 'nothing', Adrian gave me complimentary hug and a kiss on the hand and said something supposedly romantic in French, Bill gave me a rose, and Marde gave me the end bit of a lettuce he was cutting up. I was way impressed. Yeah Adrian may be almost married and expecting a baby, and Bill is married to my boss, and marde - well he's just marde - it made my valentines day all the same. That's the way I like it, nothing soppy and romantic, just a bit of silliness is perfect. Although they did enjoy a long conversation discussing all the reasons I was single and didn't receive any valentines - the list went from cause I don't put out, to eating too many vegetables.
I'm kind of enjoying being back at the pub a bit. Although some people refer to this place of employment like a beating husband, or me going back like a prostitute - I don't think its all that bad. Lots has changed since I last worked there. And they know its just for a couple of months, and that I have other jobs and commitments. Its like this strange family up there. This random community. I think the only things everyone has in common is a sick sense of humour, which I'm adapting to again. That's probably the only concern, it took me months before to stop making jokes about rude stuff last time I left the pub.
I should be sleeping, but I'm all energetic for some reason. Maybe I'll pack stuff. We might move in 2 weeks. That's a lot of packing.
Maybe I'll get my phone reconnected tomorrow. Its kind of cool not being contactable 24/7. I feel like some free bohemian hippy lady something. Its way cool. Although probably not so handy for work.
I wonder sometimes, if there are certain types of people who get tattoos and tongue rings and if I am really one of them. People say things like " I would never have thought you'd get that done", but I'm not sure what that means. Maybe everyone else joined this secret personality club and got stuff done together and I didn't hear about it.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Very proud of myself yesterday, I went to work in the right suburb. Such the best job. Who gets paid to go watersliding? watch harry potter? sit on bean bags? sing silly songs? laugh? Although harry potter was never in my 'to watch' list, I did appriciate being educated on this wide spread craze. Was interesting. I'm almost considering hiring the 1st one just for a watch.
What's with britney spears? her new song she is trying to be like gwen and it upsets me so.
Tafe poo bum. I would rather be at work. Things take so long at tafe. although sociology is fun, community development always tickles my fancy, but reserch - boo, information systems - boo, OH&S - boo. So cool that at the end of this year tafe will be done. then who knows.
If I'm going to blog you'd think I could at least think of something interesting to say.......

Friday, February 04, 2005


silly silly jo kemp.

I went to work the wrong suburb. It was my first shift with a new family, and I went to the address on the paperwork I had gotten, knocked on the door, rang my boss and told her no one was home, and sat on the porch, patted the dog and waited.
40 minutes later my boss calls me back -
"where are you???"
"waiting at the house?"
"what suburb are you in jo?"
"west pymble"
"ohh jo...remember, I sent you an email, they moved"

I had gotten a lift with a friend to work, public transport wasn't around, bugger. So my poor lovely fantabulous boss sped all the way from hornsby to west pymble to drop me off in roseville...oooooops. good job for the first day. so much apologising. Lucky everyone involved is very nice, don't think I've done any permanent damage to working relationships.

awfully glad no one arrived home at the house in west pymble...that would have been embarrassing. "hi, I'm sitting on your porch, patting your dog waiting for someone who doesn't live here"

meanwhile, having straight hair is so fantastic. such a silly superficial thing that just makes me feel so good. swish swish.