Sunday, August 31, 2003

church tonight...was good. tim and sally swan shared a bit and tim spoke. i havent heard a serman like that in a long time. he preached on john 3:16, which at first made me go "huh? why is he preaching on this? we all knwo this verse" but i reckon you cant really be reminded too many times of a verse like that. his talk was full of challenge and what not to go and "follow Jesus" which is always good. i often feel like i hear lots of people talking about how they are growing closer to God and all about their relationship but not enough about what you do once you got all that. like following Jesus. he had a good missionary stance. i like hearing from missionaries.
then we prayed for people about guidence. i stood up at first. and then felt like a goose. cause i realised i didnt really need to stand up. i think i have my guidence, i reckon its sitting in a little box in front of me that i havent opened yet cause im a bit scared.
he also talked about how much God loved the verse does. that made me go "yeah, da" but then i thought some more and decided i never really responded well to people telling me how much God loved me. i didnt respond badly, it just didnt make an effect in me until i worked it out for myself. maybe people need to be taught how to feel Gods love, and not told so much that its big and stuff. i dont know how you would do that. i think thats true about a few things. i used to listen to sermons about listening to God and think "thats all fine and dandy but how the heck does that all work?". for a while i just felt real silly, like i was missing some big point, and i didnt want to ask anyone cause they all obviously understood everything that was going on. i dont have the answers, or any standing argument or debate topic, but i never learnt like that. maybe its just me and my ineffective learning patterns. but as some dude said "when all else fails, use words"...

...actually whoever that dude was probably articulated it far more profoudly.

helen pointed out tonight that my dandy little sceduale for sorting out what i was going to do next year was leaving it a little late for practicalities...thats a i feel guilty again.
i dont like feeling guilty.
its a feeling i quite often feel. often i get it the wrong way round. i feel guilty for good stuff happening to me, and bad stuff happening to people close to me. its a "im responsible and im not doing a good job" sort of guilty feeling. but actually i shouldnt feel guilty or a negative responsibility for good stuff happening to me or bad things happening to people - unless i caused the bad stuff. but in most situations, its really not my fault, and i shouldnt feel guilt or responsibility. i should feel concern and compassion, but i get confused.

sunday morning group went well today. tom got them to get into groups and work out how to present a book of genesis to everyone else. they were funny. we didnt have as many kids as usual so that made it a fair bit easier. i like jam kids. even when jam goes bad, i still like jam kids.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

because i dont want to think about next year, or any year after that in particular detail very much, ive decided i will sceduale it in, so i cant get out of it, but i wont feel guilty for not doing anything about it right now.

it was daves 30th and ben and aarons 20th parties tonight. i didnt make it to daves cause i finished work too late and couldnt get there, but i did go to ben and aarons. although i did believe for a while that the "group" - or whatever you call it, had dismembered, we all did come together to celebrate the occasion. ben and aaron are funny boys. i have called both of them "best friends" in the past.
what was strange about tonight was that everywhere i turned there was someone from primary school. i went to a completly different primary school to everyone in that group. sarah is friends with someone who is friends with someone who introduced her to someone from that school, who now brings all these other someones to parties or get togethers. was wierd. i forget about primary school sometimes.

what a reasonable hour to be gettong home after an unreasonable day. i had a huge fight with peter from work tonight. i do try do be patient with him, and i was tonight, he just decided my turn in the good books had ended. he makes me mad sometimes. almost angry. i dont like how sex-obsessed he is, i dont like how sexist he is, i dont like how short tempered he is, and i dont like how insensitive he can be. the stupid thing is, i get along with peter. i have made my very best effort to create a productive professional relationship. i do not encourage his disgustingness or the way he treats any of the girls for that matter. but even then, he degrades me and swears at me and acts like a child. and i have to work with him tomorrow aswell...
i would like to say the option for all these work issues is to get a new job...but its not. heaven knows i have strange talents for getting jobs. but no, its not the answer. i know that that would leave maria in huge trouble, especially know with kara not well, and i wouldnt do that to maria or kara. maybe in a few months...but then itl be buisy near christmas, maybe after christmas. who knows, ill probably grow old still working at that stupid pub.

Friday, August 29, 2003

im such an old women. ive been home for ages and about to go to bed and my mother isnt even home yet. she went out on a date with some dude called bernard. i should be out being 18 but instead i am sleepy and spending my friday night in tracksuit pants and grandma slippers. good on me.

i dont feel that great today. ive been productive the past few days even though i havent felt the best. its good when u get stuff done, theres still always lots more to do but its good when u get through some of it.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

i just had a sleepy-do-nothing-cant-be-bothered sort of day today. i did go to the mall and pay my phone bill. that was a hard experience, parting with all that money. must do something about my phone bills. i think this month will be better. only 2 weeks till the next one arrives. for now i must behave, today was no good, i sent alot of messages. i tried to organise for everyone to go to the movies to see finding nemo. failed misrabily. i did get 1 reply out of the 20 or so messages i sent round. i guess thats the sad state of our group at the moment, dunno if id call it a group, it used to be a group of people that saw each other all the time but these days no one really sees more than 2 or 3 people. well i guess things change, people move on and sometimes just dont fit together anymore. its good to recognise that then hold on to some past idea that can never really be reconstructed. makes me sad but.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

We rehearsed unboxed tonight. Strange strange. They are performing it on Friday night at a youth group. I hope the youth like it. I still feel awkward directing. But the piece is looking better. We re wrote the first scene. I’m glad I’ve written stuff about unboxed in my blog, I can look back at it like a little creative journal, same with my drama classes.

On a lot of humanitarian websites they suggest you email politicians and tell them you think they shouldn’t do that or should do this. I have never even thought of that. Maybe I have some blatant disrespect for authority but that sort of action would never cross my mind. Id just tend to work my way around them. I would go to a protest, and that’s an attempt to communicate with authority. Maybe I just don’t think big scale. Maybe I just don’t like what I know of politicians. Maybe I’m really uneducated and a little naive and silly.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

what a funny night. i think ill let robert tell the story cause im not particuarily funny but it was a funny night. lets just say i am not planning anymore suprises cause it all fell to pieces. was fun though. now im sleepy.
i did get some stuff done today i was suposed to though, not everything, still havent emailed steve and i have lots more to do, but id like to focus on the fact i got some stuff done, gotta be positive.
only 2 people rocked up to drama today, everyones sick. it was interesting though. we didnt do much drama. we looked at characteristics we admired about people. it sorta turned into a little group bible study about esther and job. that was intersting. i still dont feel like i have learnt enough to help other people learn about bible stuff. i do try, and i make sure i dont say anything too definatly incase im very wrong. poor kids.

my bloggers back to normal today, it went a little wierd but i think its normal again now. i think its just my computer. it really is screwed. it wont let me save anything in word anymore. problems problems

well, yesterday was howies. that was fun seeing him get all excited about apple juice, rasin toast, coke, micro-easy cheese burgers and pens. i had a bit of a sleep in and headed to the french house to do some editing and get hannah out of the car about 2:30ish. editing didnt happen. i thought my camera was broken. i didnt even start looking at the romania tapes, i was going thru drama/dance stuff i had from helen i was suposed to put on a video when my camera died. so i sat around for a while trying to fix it and work something out, but i gave up and went shopping.
then i came back with salad supplies and helped jane finish off dinner stuff and talked to david on the phone. howie came home, fixed my camera which wasnt very broken and then we worked out that i couldnt have done any romania editing in the first place cause the tapes dont fit in either of our cameras. im such an idiot. but we ate dinner, watched a little movie, ate cake, drank wine, and ran to the train station with chris to get the last bus from chatswood home. the man that freaks me out was on the bus again. he must work somewhere in the city or something, cause i saw him walking from the trains aswell.

ive had a good sleep in, now im going to try get some stuff done on my computer and go babysit and then drama and then meet howie

Saturday, August 23, 2003

rob just informed me that a 600 ml buddy is better than a women, but not to stress because i am better than some things - like dog poo between your toes...

this is my first post with a secretary, i found a use for him

Thursday, August 21, 2003

i used to hate my mums cds. shes got Enya on right now. and...its not that bad...better than her alot of her collection. Gotta love daggy mums

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

i was up at the shops in my ug boots with pip and sarah today, having lunch and waiting for the RTA computers to start working again so sarahs licence could be printed and my boss called me and asked me to come in asap cause it was really busy and the day girl had to go. so i went in my ug boots. i thought it was a fine idea at the time, a little not good as far as workplace safety is concerned but id be alright. except when i got there, they were gutting and cutting 200 kilos of fish. it stunk and it was everywhere, including all over the floor. so now my ugg boots smell of fish and i am not impressed.
im also not impressed cause now both pip and sarah, who are a year younger than me, have their P's and i still havent got my L's.

i just worked out why im always dissapointed when i check my webstats. the am and pm are mixed up, so if i check them just after midday, itll be like 0 or 1 or some small insignificant number, but if i check them just before midday they will be some huger number. it all makes sense now, i dont feel so unloved.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

and im glad james decided to stay with us... good on you james

we saw "down with love" tonight. oh, i totally loved it. im living in this happy little classic movie 60s era in my head right now, its beautiful. there were some bits that dissapointed me, namely the bit before the ending, but everything else including the actual ending was lovely. i enjoyed it emensly. i loved the costumes, the music, ewan, renee - still bothers me slightly but il still love her, the titles, the colours, the everything. sal will love it too

ive also decided that the 11:30 bus is a little scary. theres this man thats always on it that reminds me of my landlord. im sure hes a nice man but he just freaks me out a little. on top of that, its bloody freezing and pouring, so i got a little damp and cold on my trip home.

i babysat this arvo aswell. james, whos the 9yr old i babysit, and i have this great game. im so suprised it works on him. i time him as he cleans his room. like ill say, "ok all the clothes off the ground and in the dirty laundry basket! GO" and he will run around like a crazy boy trying to go as fast as he can. and then ill say something like "all the rubbish off the ground and in the bin" or "all your shoes in the cupboard". its great fun. then we ate afternoon tea and i did his homework.

According to Amnesty International 1 in every 115 people on earth are refugees, and a new refugee is created every 21 seconds. Refugees re-settle all over the world. However, the distribution of refugees across the world is very unequal.

Tanzania hosts one refugee for every 76 Tanzanian people (1:76)

Britain hosts one refugee for every 530 British people. (1:530)

Australia hosts one refugee for every 1583 Australian people. (1:1583)

we just got our contract from blackstump, exciting news. we are doing both shows twice. ah

the opposite of being self centred - Friday 9:40 palladium & saturday 6:05 palladium

hands and trains - saturday 10:15 palladium & sunday 1:05 off broadway

Monday, August 18, 2003

sarah and i were walking today and i walked past the "refuge island" thing on the road ive been thinking about for a while. i want to use it somehow for yr8/9/10 drama.

helens been sharing a bit abour her 3rd yeard major work, and it sounds really cool. its really different to any of the major works ive seen sio far, especially from sca, so good on helen. i dont want to work, i just want to quit my job and be a struggling artist for the rest of my life.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

i should blog. work has been getting progressivly worse i think. maybe im just getting over it, and also the tension is growing between everyone, marriges are at stake and all sorts of issues. its all a bit much for a casual job i think. but apart from work, kids club camp was really awesome. we were silly and hyper and loud. we gave our prizes and they gave us chocolate, which was very nice of them. apart from that, helen and i did some planning and discussing about the breakthru concert in november, and some more delegating of jobs. im excited. i dont care if i run myself ragged doing lots of jobs for breakthru cause i am so excited. should be good. got lots of things to do already, but not tomorrow, no no, tomorrow i am sleeping.
today we did our usual sunday morning group. poor tom was sick and the kids were pretty naughty this morning. but he did good, i reckon they learned stuff and even if they didnt, they got fatter cause they ate so much ice cream - so something was achieved. then i went to pips house to finish her film. she was planning to change the ending cause her stupid teacher doesnt get our humour and told her it was bad, but after i boosted her confidence about it, she decided to keep the film the way she liked it, and just do another voice over and do some editing stuff to make it more obvious instead. its a crazy film, but shes done well. im proud of her. i was pleasently suprised at the end product. still mightly embarassed at my performance but i guess thats what u get. after pips and some tea i journied to chatswood to buy work shirts and meet howie. work shirts didnt happen, but i did meet howie, get juice and chips and got back early 4 church. good stuff.
church was fun, i was tired so at times it was just a little painful but fun. jo and i ate vegie burgers at maccas. people were fairly well behaved. a few little snickers and "oooohs" but pretty good. i was assured that all this naughtyness happens to everyone.
and now, i just got back from seeing kara. we went on a little drive for a stressful look for her walet, found it so noone stress. karas a funny girl. some guy rang up looking for a job today and maria wasnt there so kara took down his details. she said she ended up having a nice chat with him, bit of a flirt haha good work love.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

time to blog, i feel lazy. today was a big day as was yesterday. work and then i went to kids club camp. it was fun, well helen and i had fun being silly homies so i hope the kids enjoyed it aswell. helen announced to everyone we saw that i had found a nice christian boy. she is still very excited.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

on a slightly different note, tonight was a strange night. it was last thursday night that jamie (northern beaches jamie not st stephans jamie) died in a car accident. it all feels really wierd at the moment. i didnt really know him that well, we all hung out when we were a bit younger, but it still feels really close to home. partly because we went to teh same school, partly because we drive past the scene several times a week, partly because he was only 19, and all that combined he was driving like an idiot. its made me much more paranoid. i just dont see the point in dying like that. its just so horrible it makes me sick. after making it through all this crap, to just go way too fast down this road, hit a tree and that be it...thats just something that no explanation or justification or any words can make me feel alright about.

i cringed when i read toms blog just then. i sort of half forgot for a little bit that tom and howie are like brothers and therefore having "post evening debriefs" are included in all that.
i do feel bad though, i did not satisfy my readers yesterday. what hornsby has been clutching their seats, whispering and dogging about for quiet some time now, finally eventuated into something yesterday on a train. even belrose has got in on the action. i think thats why i havent wanted to blog about it much, i dont want us to be a spectical and i dont want to be a crowd pleaser, im happy, howies happy, we are all happy. and thats all i really wanna say about that...

how good am i though? i linked twice in that boyfriend taught me that

i just got my phone bill...the whole 7 pages of the bugger. i sent 594 messages. that has gotta be some record, thats 19 messages a day. im glad i worked 6 shifts last week, means ill be broke again. $237, completly stupid, ridiculous. but at least i have a new sms record

i thought id share some classic msn names ive recently found on my list...

"you set my soul at ease, chased the darkness out of reach, left your desperate spell on me"

"i thought i lost you but i realise you were never really there at all"

"when everything you'll get is everything that you wanted princess, well which would you prefer?"

and finally..."females should learn to drive in the kitchen, that way they'll learn to cook faster"

i still do think that msn names make more sense when they say your name or some variation of your name but hey.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

i think there should be a train line to belrose

i think i should go off maccas for a while

i think stuff about refugees

i think mocumentries are fun

i think i need to learn some more

i think school was alot easier, though im glad its over

i think i feel some sort of disloyalty to our romanian friends that the concerts about refugees and not them

i think thats 7 thoughts plus this one plus the thoughts i dont post

well my stats are a little high today, how strange, i wonder why...

i wanna be just like sal and put a lyric here... "to resist is to piss in the wind, anyone who does will end up smelling" - incubis...

very profound i thought

i found out today that there is nothing much in waverton. there was a cafe called finks, and some council workers, thats about all.
im going to go see another movie tonight, hopefully it wont be as bad as last nights choice.

we had unboxed rehersals tonight aswell, the "oooos" and "omg omg"'s begun.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

i think i think about things to much, im forever starting a post with "i think". well tonight i think i actually had a good drama lesson. they were naughty, but not that naughty, they did calm down. i almost cried at one point. i have never seen these 2 boys do anything like they did tonight. i had all these pictures of people i had cut out of newspapers and we were making up back stories for them and then they got up and improed a bit. they did this scene of 2 old men reminiscing about their time at war, it was very emotional, talking about how they still couldnt cope with the memories of killing people. it was pretty fully on, one started crying. i was amazed. id never seen them not laugh through an impro let alone cry and take it on with such committment. that was a good moment. another good moment was when i asked them what they wanted their drama to be about, wether they wanted to just entertain people for the time they sat in their seats or have an affect. they all decided they wanted to use their art to affect people. that made me smile, made me not want to throw it in either. so that was a great part of today.

we saw a stupid movie tonight, american pie 3. it was really bad. and thats all i have to about that

i think sometimes people get caught up in being so upront and honest that they forget to be sensitive. there needs to be some happy balenceing going on with that. there is no point saying things you dont mean to save someones feelings. but being so blunt about things can just hurt a person and alot of the time it is unnesaciry pain. i do think people should be honest with other people but one should never forget the affect of their words on others.

Monday, August 11, 2003

my day included of sleeping in and being woken up by a phone call from kara. ask anyone who has rung me when i was asleep, i make no sense whatsoever, it is very hard to get anything logical out of me when ive been woken up. but that was great anyway, bout time i arose.
i went to maccas several times today. it was just the place to meet today. im glad i live so close to maccas, and the rest of the shops there. i think i need to go on a maccas boycot again.
and tonight, we had a girls dinner. i feel old now we have girls dinners. but it was fun. we ate a huge amount of food, and chocolate fondue for desert. so yum, so yum. it was nice to just get together and hang out, slightly strange but good. i took some silly photos. sarah swung her fondue stick round and almost covered the lounge room in chocolate and fruit. we gave her a tea towel to use as a bib. funny girl

i have decided i have found a perfect situation for a word usuage... dad has flown down to melbourne today because he is going on who wants to be a that is random and i will happily spell it out ...R A N D O M

Sunday, August 10, 2003

i missed out on church tonight cause kara's really sick so i had to work for her. work was annoying. i really feel for the maccas people that kick us out every sunday night. and thats where i went after maccas. it was fun, there was a fair bit of naughtyness. its probably deserved but still not particuarily appreciated. helen and i did have a good chat about things we needed to chat about (ie breakthru concert etc), so that was good. gosh my blog is boring. i need to go get an interesting life or some interesting thoughts to blog.

sunday morning group went ok today i think. the kids werent that badly behaved and we didnt play any games and i think they still had fun regardless. the whole thing has been on my mind alot recently. i just dont see the point in it much if they dont learn anything and dont want to be there and just end up hating us. i really want it to work for them but. i hate that they feel like they have to go and dont like it. we did a question thingy at the end today where they could ask us stuff they wanted to know about. tom answered them well, i think i need to work on some bible knowledge or something, im no good answering questions like that, even if they dont need a specific bible verse answer, i still dont reckon my answers would be sufficent... i have 2 hours before i have 2 be back at church, i might try have a power nap and catch up on a little bit of this sleep lost from stress.

i woke up stressed these last 2 mornings, not a pleasent way to start the day. ive observed recently that i am an easily stressed. kids club stressed me the other afternoon, work stresses me sometimes, finding costumes stressed me, jam stressed me, kids club performing in church stressed me...but it all did work out. the kids were cute, the costumes appeared and work is just work.
speaking of work, poor tinku. he came to work last night for a trial as a kitchen hand. the boys were really mean to him. i think i have become somewhat imune to the dirty jokes and comments that come from that kitchen, but as tinku was there it did become more apparent. they are really disgusting and rude guys. they mean well, somehow, maybe, but its just yuk. tinku didnt seem to let there meaness effect him too much which was good. i think there is probably a better job out there for him though. maybe i should become an employment agency, that could be fun.

Friday, August 08, 2003

i ate a maccas vegie burger too, last night in fact. i think i would have enjoyed it if it didnt have so much sauce stuff on it, causeit slopped everywhere and was messy and i got some on the clothes. but apart from that, i think it definatly has the potential to be a good burger.
i had a dodge day again today. i dont think it was really that bad on its own as a day but i was just getting stressed to easily. i couldnt contact people who i needed to so i could sort all this stuff out for filming 2morrow and i was late to work and kids club, and they r performing the little play on sunday and its dodgy. but work wasnt that bad, its almost as escape, really strange eh. but when i go to work i dont have to organise anything, or plan for something, you just do stuff that you have to do right now. its sort of refreshing. and u get money for it which always helps with my maccas addiction. and even the yukky jokes werent that bad tonight/today.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

leah was on her way home from uni out in blacktown today and her train hit someone. they think he is alright though. the weird thing is the train didnt stop at all, and apparently no one on the train said anything or seemed to care except for leah and her friends who got quiet shaken up by the whole event. i think thats really sad. once someone told me that if i was getting raped to yell out "fire" instead of "rape" cause people would ignore a rape because its much too full on to deal with in comparision with a fire. i think thats so sad. the worlds a sad place when people find cover in ignorance because real life is too yukky to deal with.

once again my trek to hornsby evolved into a longer stay. i had a good time. hannah minding was fun, we jumped on the trampoline, threw and cleaned up glasses and juigs of water all over the kitchen and only had 2 pooey pants. hannahs a good chap, good value, i like hanging out with hannah. after hannah minding i went to an audience with andrew bevis. that was odd since i have never met the dude, but it was good to catch up with him all the same. we then travelled into the city to do some TOOBSC filming. we were awfully silly, i think matt was a little shocked. we got home fairly late. matt and i had a good chat on the way home despite the lateness. we dissused such intellectual things about chuirch and the creative worship services and dance.
today i slept way too late. now im going to go rush around and do the things i needed to do today.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

i agree with what ryan said about being a friend and a teacher. i have taught the same kids for 3 or 4 years now and i reckon thats the main problem. its good to have a relationship with th kids you teach but maybe they are too comfortable with me, they just like to annoy me i think. i dunno. maybe they need a new drama teacher.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

i keep writing a post and deleting it, thats not good.

today i had to stay home cause the landlord was coming to fix stuff in our house. im always a little scared when he comes to fix stuff when its just me home, just cause hes pretty old and his english isnt that good. im always worried he is going to hurt himself, and he always yells out at strange intervals "harlo" in his accent. he fell of the ladder today. he was climbing up to fix the light fitting on the bathroom roof when i hear this great big CRASH BANG! i didnt even notice that he had gone downstairs and got the dodgy old ladder we have and put it on the wet slippery floor in the bathroom. i can imagine it really hurt the poor dude. im suprised he didnt break his back and not just the lamp and light fitting. after that i supervised more closely and held the ladder for him. poor man. he is very enthusiastic when it comes to fixing things in our house.

also today i had drama with the yr9/10s. it was a disaster before we started. i messaged them all reminding them it was starting this arvo and no one replied except for one boy saying he wasnt coming. i tried to call everyone bout an hour before we started and i couldnt get hold of anyone. in the end i sent out a message saying we would just start next week cause i didnt think anyone was coming but then i got a phone call saying that they were all there waiting for me. what a confusion. i shouldve just gone just in case anyone came, but as usual i wasnt thinking straight. so i got them to meet me on the oval cause thats in the middle of church and my house and we had an outside shortened lesson. they were silly anyway and we didnt do anything productive. most of the time i think they just think im a goose and drama is just a good time to catch up with each other. that annoys me slightly. i got really excited about this term cause i worked out all this new different stuff to do with them. i think i have to experiment some more with how i am running it, otherwise i mayswell just throw it in.
the other interesting thing that happened at drama was our little chat as we were finishing. they always try and get me talking about naughty things, not really naughty but i cant think of another word to descrobe it - stuff about boyfriends, alcohol, etc etc. anyway, todays topic was how much i didnt study or go to class when i was at school. they know i dont like talking about my naughtyness so they play on it by saying things like "so its alright not to go to class?" "ill say you didnt study next time my mum gets angry at me abouit school work" etc etc. its rather annoying. i wish i could be a good leader that had appropraite and meaningful conversations.

then tonight i went to work, back again. i think in my 2 weeks off i lost my coping techniques for all the comments and jokes that are full of sexual connetations that you encounter in my work place. its just plain annoying. i cant even be bothered to get on my soap box and discuss the feminist issues and the workplace laws that are being violated, all i want to say is that its bloody annoying. buty i do love my job until i walk into the kitchen, it really brings it down. i guess its work and work cant be 100% good.

i am going to try and make this sunday morning group coming up successful. im not sure how one measures a successful jam, but i will try.

Monday, August 04, 2003

snoam was good last night, sal came too. we chatted to a few people that we didnt know which was fun. we then went to maccas and stayed there till closing, i think thats just what you do on a sunday night.
and church before all that was good aswell. tom preached, that was good. and we did the hands drama/dance, which went pretty well i think. i didnt stuff up my lines as much as i did on wednesday night which is always a plus.
it was fun having toms fanclub there. i think tom should preach more often.
before church i went up the pub to do a few hours work starting to set up the resturant. we already have a stack of big bookings for this week. im not looking forward to that bit of going back to work, although i have run out of money so itll b great for that. kara and i walked around like zombies because we both had not had sleep. we got it all done very quickly though. i was impressed. i think i work better when im exremly tired.
sundya morning group when good to. i like when we break into small groups. at first i wasnt getting anywhere with them, everyone just kept telling stories about how they got jealous or their friend got jealous. (we were talking about Gods jealously) but we got thru with a little creativity and some God help. i think they learned stuff. i hope so anyway.
and before jam, i worked at the craft fair. i hate that job. you have be up there and 7am. thats a stupid time in itself, but on a sunday. ah dear. but the time flew by
and before jam, i did fall asleep for about half an hour, and before that we were in mosman macdonalds, and before that we were in the strange pub/club thingy and before that was saturday.
there we go, a whole post on reverse

Sunday, August 03, 2003

i still havet slept. ive been to two works, two church services, had two servings of fast food, and seen a bunch of people, some i knew and some i didnt, but no sleep yet. im actually considering just how long i think i can go on without sleep. if i were to do this experiement, i shouldve started a few weeks ago cause im starting back at work this week. so no i wont try that, i dont think ill evn bother writing anything that would be counted as an update right now, i might go to sleep. i will say that ive had a fun day and night. sunday morning group even went wellish.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

one good thing about tonight/last night, was that it was somewhere different. it was just exciting having some new scenery for a change. im sure we could have experienced it all quicker and come home a little earlier but thats ok. half way through the night, kara and i worked out everyone around us was on drugs. it was really strange, these 2 guys came up and sat themselves next to us and just started rambling on about how much drugs they had taken. then i noticed people with there eyes in the back of the head, and some girl being carried down the stairs. mona seems much safer and more comfortable for us

to sleep or not to sleep. i could have a 1 hour power nap b4 work, or i could just go no sleep, shh no1 say that i have had no sleep.


rightio, another relativly stupid night, only stupid cause i am home late and mayb e a few other reasons, namely my shoes. i am not one to wear fancy shoes, i prefer sneakers, even when out on the town i am known for my comfortable, sometimes daggy, footwear. but tonight, someone decides we are going to venture out of our confort zone and try somewhere new, so we head to cremorne. now me not knowing what kind of a place we were going was told to wear proper shoes in case anywhere had a dress code. first mistake. so i put on the stupid shoes i hate so much that hurt my feet and cost a bloody lot of money for a pair of shoes that i only wore for my formal and occasional other nights where someone tells me i have to wear them. so we get to this "club", but, as we walk in the door, i realise its just another glorified pub. bit of a shame really. the night continued, my feet already hurting from the walk from the car. we move into the "night club" section. i do like dancing, and i was even coping 50 billion hours later with my shoes, until...some goose stepped on my foot and broke my shoe! i was strong and continued dancing, with more rests though. i was so annoyed and in so much pain. by the time we got to maccas on our way home i had taken my shoes off and was walking around bare foot on a very unclean and sticky maccas floor - yuk.
thats my story for the night.

Friday, August 01, 2003

id just like to say i was early twice and only late once today, proud am i.

i had another romantic night in with kara tonight. we did have the intention of going out and being sociable, but it just didnt happen. in the end we hired and movie, bought some pop corn, coke and chocolate and stayed warm. bit too much being sociable last night i think.
went to kids club aswell today. that was a tad stressful, mighty dodgy. i love them all to bits but wow, theres alot of energy in one room. apparently we are performing the little play we have been putting together next sunday...deary me.
finished helping helen set up for sunday, all ready
saw maria (boss) tonight up at the pub briefly. she is like another mum with me and kara, we ran and gave her a big hug and she sat down with us and caught up with all the goss, very sweet.
i think im very scatty, in general, but particularily tonight.
im no good at picking good bible verses or quotes or lyrics. or even when i do find a good one, like wednesday, ill do something stupid like spell it wrong and only notice once its printed and on the wall wirh the rest of the displays. that annoys me slightly, i think i need to educate myself more, maybe read the newspaper more often, or go to uni. na