Friday, April 30, 2004

so this will be my last post for at least 2 scared, and sort of excited...i dont think i have thought about it enough to form decent feelings on the event.
eventually got some howie time this arvo too, that was good since things will be bit crazy and not normal while we are away. we found a new place to sit in a park. chastwood is such a hole, they should really get a better suburb put between belrose and hornsby.
i really should be at home packing, but i didnt think about bus times and just took my time walking around the city and buying chocolate, which meant i missed my bus by 5 mins. waiting waiting waiting.
and tafe too, silyl day at tafe. we started to leanr how to write letters, actually we just looked at structuring sentances, one at a time. very tedious.
ok goodbye world. ill miss my blog and the blogs of others. and emails and mobile phones, and tv, and my bed, and couches and my mum.

on the train on the way home, there was a very annoyed aboriginal woman. she was yelling at a man from pakistan from town hall to the stop after waverton. she was so angry. i wanted to go tell her to be quiet, she was upsetting the man. she was telling him that he shouldnt live in australia and use his computer on the train cause he wasnt aboriginal. the man just sat there and let her go. she got louder and louder, and he just put his headphones in. i felt like i should apologise to the man.
it was funny but, cause she tried to get off at waverton, but she kept walking back into the carrige to yell at the man some more and then she missed her stop. it did mean we all got to listen to her scream for another few minutes but it made everyone in the carrige have a giggle. i dont know if thats a good thing either really.
there was a little girl in front of me with her family, i think the mum was from malaysia. she asked her dad lots of questions about why the woman didnt like the man, no one came up with any simple reasons.

i dont think i have ever been more nervous before a performance as tonight, actually probably unboxed i was more.
anyway, it was darn scary. such a posh environment, and the 6 of us rock up to do some silly skit about 3 kids and an uncle. i was worried that our piece was highly inappropriate and that no one would laugh and that we would let lots of people down. i kept wishing id written something more arty farty and less silly.
but its ok, it went well. people laughed and people said they liked it. the guys did so well that people were unsure of what was going on till just about the right place in the script.
few is all i can say.
breakthru arts performs at many a different place. we dont do much in between the extremes - street theatre, festivals and ballroom halls in posho hotels.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

done and done! one assessment task and one uluru meeting and one powerpoint.

few. the powerpoint might not be ok, im not sure anymore.

ah well

home again home again jiggity jig

this could possibly be my last blog post for 2 weeks. leaving for uluru on saturday morning at 7...oh dear. im really scared about lots of things to do with that trip, being in hornsby at 7 is just the first.

nothing interesting to blog... i did come home from hornsby with a megaphone this evening. really, who carries a megaphone around with them? people looked at me a bit funny. i really wanted to use it on the train but im a woosebag.
otherwise its been a pleasure having a megaphone for a bit. lots of entertainment value there.

i had alot of fun at the pub last night. im wondering where my pool skills have gone. i never had that many, but more than i displayed last night. fun all the same. i think commy pub is a great invention, and the blue gum too - thats a tops place

having issues getting this assessment done. its due tomorrow. ive basically done it all (for the second time cause i lost the disk), just gotta type it up. internet cafe computers dont have word or anything like that, well this particular internet cafe anyway. so this trip to chatswood early before hornsby wasnt very useful. i could just go to hornsby and go to the library, but now i feel like macdonalds, so ill jst sort it out after.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

but before i go back to how mean is australia? we have done some nasty things in the past. we look at australias history of immigration this morning, oh yuk. we arent very nice.
im missing out on lots of juicy stuff in the 2 weeks im at uluru

i should be in class...oops.

back to tafe today. so hard to get our of bed.

saw the man bashing play, it wasnt very man bashing. more society bashing, the whole thing was full of sterotypes and not very clever. i laughed a bit. some of it was true. basically it said that women and men are different - i agree,and that man's basic instinct was to hunt and female to gather. which is true basically, but life isnt basic, so it isnt true all the time. it was good for a laugh. i think ill renounce all feminism in me though, its not helpful. i think for my generation it really isnt that big a deal in most cases. im not saying that there arent some situations and organisations where women arent equal, but there is plently of areas in society where men can be openly bashed and slandered where it is not considered a deal. men could never get away with saying all women are bitches, yet "all men are arseholes" has become a catchphrase. both sexes are equal, created for different reasons and purpose, yes the lines have blurred, but maybe that just means re-definition not just chucking male culutre or female culture completly out the window.

ok to class i go.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

its right on 6:15, which means i should probably walk out into the loungeroom and attend the leaders meeting, cause im in helens office at church...but i figure, that since everyone expects me to be 15mins late, ive got a whole other 15mins to sit here and blog. i dont know if that'll work since im in the next room.
im going to see a play tonight with my home gorup - defending the cavemen or someting. ive heard its full of man bashing, thats always fun. ive found myself being more and more man bashing like recently, which is not good. i dont think women are better then men, and i dont think there is need to bash men, even though its funny. maybe im a feminist, but man bashing isnt a part of being a feminist i dont think.
ok, ok, ill walk out into the loungeroom.

Monday, April 26, 2004

way too many blogs these days.

funday was had today and it was fun. kids are funny. everyone was so enthusiastic at the races.

and the megaphone! oh what fun was that. howie and i looked for one to buy for ages in chatswood the other day, but no one was selling them. when we walked into our lastest shop we thought could possibly sell them, pete was there and he said he owned one and would lend it to them for funday. yay. but then, this morning, the megaphone did not work! oh dear. but its ok cause i fixed it. with coke at that. i had some help from trevor. i was really really excited that we got to use coke to fix it. and steve wades car key and a safety pin.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

i had a party last night at my new house.
was interesting. many different groups of people who didnt talk to each other much. there was a bit of interaction, but lots of fun in all camps around my house - the kitchen camp, backyard, front lawn, loungeroom etc...

i had to change computers just then cause it started to type in chinese...strnage internet cafe

so this party...highlight of the night was definatly the yellow traffic thingo. made me laugh alot. and dancing in the back room - that was just funny. i love being silly. lots of different people to be silly with too, in different ways aswell. and the pick cake, that was way cool.

i dont know if im in a rush to try that sort of party again. bit of a social experiement. but fun was had on my part and at least some others so all good.

I'm really ynot very good at spelling. I spelt bowl bowel in a script the other day, and then in the same script but the next copy, I spelt truck trunk, and definatly with defiantly and in the last post I spelt vacation vocation. Sometimes I cant spell the word, sometimes I get it mixed up with something else. I used to be a good word user, I really think something has happened in the past few years that has decreased my intellect.

there you go robert

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

i got one more day of vocation care left...bit sad reallly, just got to know a bunch of cool kids and now its all over red rover. but at least no more getting up at 630, im no good at that.

we went bowling today. most of the kids didnt like it and got bored and went silly. i got scratched in the face, but had a nice walk on the beach with timone apart from that little tantrum.

tmorrow we get to catch a ferry and have a picnic at cromorne point. good fun days

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

im alive.

i need a new computer and some internet connection, until then, welcome to jos's random blog, withan added new meaning for the name cause i can only update randomly.

life is a busy thing. can be good fun too. im 19, ive been working in a vocation care program, soul survivour happened, and i slept a bit, didnt sleep enough, saw a movie, caught some buses and trains, and ate lots of crispy kremes. yum.

i spent most of my birthday at soul. we got up early and had pancakes, and then got sung too lots. went to a seminar on woman in ministry. then i met up with the dudes from regents park and went in the main meeting. disapeared for a while to hornsby, then to chatswood, then for frenchs forest and back to soul for dinner and stuff. i got a cake and the badn sang me hapy birthday too. very exciting. ifelt special. aftee the next main meeting, i ate some more crispy kremes and had a dance with peace and lydia and jess and hayley, then sat around and to maccas.

i have to go have a rehersal now. i think they are all here so i should get iour of helens office..

for the record i was only 15mins late this evejing.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

there are now 2 jo's on blogfeed. how very confusing. maybe i should be jo kemp.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

isnt moving grand? no, no not really.

im housesitting this weekend too. one night in my new house and then im off for the weekend in belrose, although i ended up in hornsby last night...ops.

i like this house. its got a nice "vibe". annoying dog, but you cant expect much from a dog.

i was feeling very stuck in my hole of belroseness/frenchsforestness because of silly bus timetable changes for the long weekend, but then tara called. i think it was only last night i said to tom that i didnt see these people much anymore. i miss tara and her family. i miss lots of things. im happy with different new things, but i miss old comfy things. we had a drink or 2 and i saw them off in their cabs to manly and i went back round the corner to my house for the weekend. i managed to balence the i-need-some-sleep with the i-need-to-socialise-with-these-people struggle. good and fun.

im so sleepy. stayed up too late last night, well really, i only got to hornsby at 12 something. too much cleaning aswell. i dont know where all this dirt came from, its amazing. i scrubbed skirting boards for a couple of hours this afternoon. i must say, for something so small and not on eye level, they can get very dirty and hard to clean. i dont know when we are going to finish cleaning. i wouldnt mind some long sessions of un-interupted sleep before i start work and soul stuff on tuesday.

im going to have a party or a gathering or a do or something soon. i dont know what to call these things. it all depends who i talk to, if i say party to some people they will think loud music all night lots of beer, which will excite half and deterr the other. if i say gathering my mother will think its tame and some might think itll be boring but others might think it be nice. but if i say do, its a little ambigious so its good, no one really knows, they can just make there own interpretation and rock up and have fun. its all about false advertising really. id describe it as more of a drop in when you please casual do. thatll do

im going to go to church in the morning with my mother and brother james i think.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

im a goose aswell...

since when do trains go to anywhere else bu tthe north shore line on platform 1 at hornsby? it took till i got till epping to work it out

it is done. i have moved.

well mostly done, just a few boxes and lots of rubbish and cleaning to do over the weekend.

it was a very stressful day. but we made it...few.

im so proud of myself, i threw out so much crap, like garbage bag full after garbage bag full...heaps.
im not very good at throwing things out. i found all sorts of things in my massive clear out, old assessment tasks from school, letters, dockets, just bits of paper. im sure ikept it all for a reason years ago, but i was brave, and chucked it all in the big fat skip out side my house.

i hate moving. i really liked my old house, i got used to it and it was nice, and comfy and settled.
we spent almost 6 years in that house i think, thats the secong longest time we have ever spent in a house. partys, formal getting readys, formal afterparties, pie fights, fights, friends, all sorts of people, late night adventures, all night adventures, dinners, breakfasts, school classes, school work, school bludging, sitting, standing, talking, crying, laughing, crawling, fun, and my side street...awww. its the end of an era.

most of the world doesnt even know ive moved house.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

done and done, 2 dodgy assessments.

im going to go have a good night packing and seeing robert.

i should write more un-wingy stuff

i have one single disk with all my tafe work on it, and it doesnt work in my home computer for some reason, so im at the library, and im only suposed to be on a computer for an hour, and i have 5 mins left, and i have only done one half notch newspaper anaylisis, and another paragraph for the second. poo poo poo. im not very interested at how football culture has changed, and why i should write an essay about the saints empolying a plastic surgeon.

Monday, April 05, 2004

tafe computers look so pretty. all these nice looking dells in a row with xp grass and clouds. very attractive. if only they'd let msn work they would be perfect.

ive been sitting here for almost 2 hours, and ive actually managed to finish one of the 2 assessments due on wednesday. unfortunatly, in completling this stupid assessment ive realised that ive done some very stupid things. i have to get eveyrone to change their group plans in their assessments that most of them have finished cause i forgot to write in the other day about uluru days id miss...poo.

do you know what else is stupid??? tafe cards. you cant do photocopying, printing, paying for parking and lots of other things unless you have money on your tafe card. there is one single machine on the whole campus that allows you to put money on your tafe card, and guess whats not working today? stupid machine.

i think i should eat something and leave this library, im not doing anything productive, but ive got until 1 for computers. ill eat then come back, saves my sanity.

something less wingey...

yesterday was fantastic, a little tiring and intense, but bloody fantastic. i love our young people at st stephens. they are tops to the top house.
i love when kids dance, its so beautiful.
seeing someone leanr how to pray too, thats awesome. i love observing and being a part of this discovery stage heaps of them are in. just seeing them grow, so fast too.
i like being a youth leader, i think ill even cope camping at soul.

im rather annoyed. it took so much effort to get out of bed this morning, and i rock up to tafe and the teacher isnt here. poo.
actually its probably a good thing, im going to sit in the library till computers and finish assessments i didnt do yesterday.
i hope im good enough at computers to pass the course. i only ever went to one class and thought id passed it and it was all sorted cause i did some test. but i found out today that there was a test for each week of the course that im suposed to past, which means 7 tests...i need to pass 7 computer tests this afternoon or i fail a module...if i fail a module i wont complete my cirtificate and ill have to finish it next year and wont be allowed to start my diploma. that sucks.
ive also done some stupid things with my group assessment, namly not dating or keeping a proper log which is 60% of that assessment. poo. at least ive got a bit longer to sort that out and tash said i could borrow hers to look off.
i am so sleepy.
i bought a coke to make me feel better, but then i dropped it and it went all fizzy and its not the best anymore.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

from the looks of it a number of people are a bit sad too.

i want internet back!

1. First Name: Joanna
2. Were you named after anyone? no
3. Do you wish on stars? no, not recently
4. Which finger is your favorite? the one in between the rude finger and the pinkie...whats that called?
5. When did you last cry? Almost this morning, but that didnt count, umm wednesday i think it was
6. Do you like your handwriting? not particuarliy, but it doesnt bother me too much
7. What is your favorite lunch meat? im not a fan of lunch meat, but maybe ham or chicken
8. Any bad habits? lots,
9. What's in your CD player right now? dunno, probably some hillsongish thing, im in the library so its not bothering me
10. Do you believe in soul mates? no
11. Are you a daredevil? im a "woosebag"
12. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell? sure.
13. Do looks matter? no
14. Have you ever misused a word and it sounded absolutely stupid? im good at that
15. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? no
16. Do fish have feelings? maybe, but wouldnt they get over it in 3 seconds?
17. Are you trendy? nope, gave up trying, i reckon you need to be born with a trendy gene
18. Hmmmmm
19. Where are your second homes? on public transport, church,
20. Do you trust others easily? probably yes
21. What was your favorite toy as a child? puppy suprise
22. What class in school do you think is totally useless? cross country and we had this pearler - thinking skills - now that was completly useless.
23. Do you have a journal? yep, my blog, and other one
24. Do you use sarcasm a lot? probably
25. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? yes
26. What do you look for in a boy/girl? sillyness
27. What are your nicknames? jo, joey, jojo, josie, josephine, kemp, kempy, woosebag
28. Would you ever bungee jump? ah, hm, i would love to, but id be petrified.
29. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? no no no
30. Do you think that you are strong? yeah, im totally buff
31. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? cookie dough! oh yum
32. What's your favorite color(s)? bleh, ummm grey
33. What is your least favorite food? fruit mince pies
34. How many wisdom teeth do you have? a couple
35. Are you in love with anyone? howie
36. How many people have a crush on you right now? just the one
37. Who do you miss most right now? to start with howie. but then ill stop, cause i dont want to think about people i miss
38. Do you want everyone you send this to, to send it back? no not really
39. What are you wearing? MY green jumper
40. What are you listening to right now? library noises
42. What was the last thing you ate? nutella toast
43. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? red
44. How is the weather right now? crap. its raining, and the bottom of my jeans are all wet, thats so annoying
45. Who is the last person you talked to on the phone? howie, no maybe kara...pne or the other
46. First thing you notice about the opposite sex? shoulders
48. How are you today? average. cold. happy
49. Favorite Drink? yeah coke
50. Favorite alcoholic drink? its hard to pick between coronas and baileys and red wine
51. Favorite sports? ha. sports smorts. maybe soccer
52. Hair color? brown
53. Eye color? brown, sometimes a bit of hazel
54. Do you wear contacts? no
-And now my sweet 55....-
56. What is your favorite month? i dont know, decemeber or november maybe
57. Favorite food? i like lots of food. maccas is tops, so is avacado and honey chicken hmmm
58. Last movies you watched? 50 first dates
59. Favorite day of the year? lots of them (did anyone else get sick of these questions by now?)
60. Are you too shy to ask someone out? no as if, i ask everyone out all the time. na im a woosebag
61. Scary movies or happy endings? happy endings. im a woosebag
62. Summer or winter? winter
63. Hugs or kisses? hugs. oh and kisses
64. Relationships or one-night stands? relationships
65. Do you want your friends to write back? no
66. Who is most likely to respond? everyone has already done it
67. Who is least likely to respond? sh
-someone stole 68, too-
69. What books are you reading? not much really
70. Favorite Song? semi-charmed kinda life, just for all the memories it brings
71. Favorite board game? mafia
72. What did you watch on TV last night? nothing
73. Favorite smells? cake
74. What is your most embarrassing CD on the shelf? britney
75. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you? probably not
76. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? what am i waking up for
77. How valuable do you consider your time? obviously not, i am sitting in a library filling this out

done and done, now i feel like i fit in

Friday, April 02, 2004

one more quickly before class...


Im so bloody proud of myself. i somehow managed to escape direct dogging from howie, but he did get my mum. poor barbs, he sent her a message saying we were engaged. she was going crazy all morning apparently. even picked up her phone when i called her in the middle of one of her classes to yell down the phone "your 18!!".
but its ok, cause we got him back. i got barbs to send howie a message saying that "lionel was getting the shotgun ready", and then i rang my dad and got him to message howie saying "you cant marry my daughter cause you dont have a job". i sent a few more messages telling him how angry my dad was and how dissaproving he was etc etc. i could never have done any of it on the phone or in person, how good are sms!. it wasnt that great a dog, but still, i loved ringing him just after 12 and telling him i got him. good stuff.

ive spent alot of the week at meetings...i dont mind meetings most of the time.
monday was centacare, tuesday youth leaders and home group, wednesday was meant to be refugees but i wagged, and thursday was uluru.
tonight will be the first time im actaully doing anything ive been meeting about. our small group are going bowling. should be good fun, they are all excited. i only booked 2 lanes, so i hope they arent feeling to evanglist-like tonight.

ahh i can finally blog, ive only got about 10mins left of my lunch break and then back to class. im struggling with fridays. i think we all are. i dont mind the teacher as a person but no one is getting along with her, poor thing.
good funnies though. when she went out of the room while we were doing case studys in smaller groups, alisha picked up her class plan (that she has every minute timetabled on) and hid it under some other things on her desk. we all laughed alot. she came back in a spent some time looking for it and then left to check her staff room. when she went back out, alisha moved it back on top of her folder. it was very funny when she came back in, she thought shed gone crazy. poor teacher, but i had to laugh.
getting stressful at tafe. so much work, so little time. still enjoying it, just wish i had more time for it.