Monday, March 14, 2005

i'm really getting into doctors waiting rooms. I've spent so much time there in the past few weeks I've lost count. It gave me the chance to finally finish the da vinci code...although I'm not entirely sure it was worth that. It might all be worth it if i was better, but alas, no luck their either. So what was the point of all this waiting? I'm certinaly asking myself that alot. I got my head scanned, I got some medicne that didn't work, I got my foot strapped, I got my arm pricked and blood taken...and all i know at the end of it is that I need to go to a specialist and I'm allergic to dustmites and possibly other things. But I'm not better. poo bum. vent vent
New house has been a reasonlble amount of fun. Room still not unpacked. Getting there, ever so slowly. But as of today we finally have internet and tv and phone and unblocked pipes!
good stuff.
Got to see bride and prejudice last night. What an absolutly tops film. I want to see it again. Made me laugh good and hearty. oooh so sweet. maybe ill go see it thursday again.
And ice cream will never fail to excite me. YUM.