Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 hey?
I have not blogged much this year.
Not sure why I am blogging now. I'm busy applying for jobs in an intenet cafe on the gold coast. Silly thing to be doing on holidays, but thats centerlink. Even though I already have a new job, cause I don't start till next week I have to keep applying for jobs. Well I don't really have to, but I'd like centerlink money.
I feel as if I should be reflective...
Some moments...
I'm feeling a bit vague on this year. I'm pretty sure it was this year I went to indonesia. If it was this year, then thats definety a moment of note. Yes must've been this year.
Indonesia was very special. Although I don't feel any more need to visit any more income generation projects. They are great and work amazingly, but I think between bangaldesh and indonesia I've seen over 50 of them. Apart from visiting income generation projects, it was also just such a special time. I was spoilt rotten, ate alot of fish and spent time with 4 really amazing people who have taught and continue to teach me so much. I truely respect and admire them and I'm so grateful for the time I got to spend with them. It's not every day you get to go away with the minister, 2 more mature aged people from church and the dude who is the marantha trust.
2006 was also the year I said goodbye to centacare. I creid lots. Actually, now I think about it, I cried at the HR director...ooops. It wasn't a very nice time, but I am also ridiculously grateful for my time at Centacare, and even more grateful that I have got to go back every so often since I left.
2006 was definetly the year for friends too. I found a fridge magnet the other day that said "Friends are the family you choose for yourself", corny - yes, but I found it to be so true and comforting. Found myself closer to old friends then I've ever felt, and blessed by the wonders of new friendship this year. Friends make me happy.
2006 was also a big year family wise too. Dad got married and I scored a new sister and brother, who I haven't and probably won't see much, but they are good fun when I do.
James and I have also had a great year. I feel closer to that brother of mine then evert before. He is bloody awesome. Pity I am yet to really benefit from all these new cheffing skills! Mum travelled for the first time since her honeymoon too, James and I almost died without her.
Oh yeah, I turned 21 this year too! That seriously was the most funnest night ever! So special, full of special people and special moments. I'm going to wear that dress tonight actually.
And I got my tonsils out. Gosh that hurt alot! I hate 32 icey poles in 5 days and took so many pain killers I felt sick and forgot how to get to turramurra. I was a space cadet, but it was a fun kind of high that blanked out majority of the pain.
I think lots of other stuff happened, but this year has gone so fast I just can't remember. The beginning of the 2006 feels like decades ago.
But 2007...well I'm super excited about that. I'm starting with 5 very special girls it such a beautiful location. I'm going to spend the first few days of the new year on the beach, sleeping, resting, eating and theme parking. Then I will return home just in time to start my new job and move out...all in the first 11 days of the new year! Life does move fast, I think 2007 might be evern faster then 2006.