Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I got to go have an ultrasound yesterday. I also had a cat scan, but thats not as fun to tell people as ultasound. I had to leave tafe early and when I told them, I got a 'omg omg, are you pregnant?', that was fun. But no no, ultrassound on my shoulder. When I got to tafe this morning, they asked me if there was a baby in my arm. Unfortunetly no, but there is a tear. Which is bad, actually it was the worst thing they could have found. So instead of 'you should be better by now', we're talking possibly another 6 months or more. So poo. Lesson learnt is trust your instincts. I knew there was something more not right. I should have requested a scan earlier, actually one of all those fancy smancy doctors should have requested a scan earlier. Ah well. Back to square one I guess.
Stupid arm.
I get to go back and see more insuracne company doctors to do some 're-assessing'. Tom talking about them rather nicely I thought. I've been trying to not say so many horrible things about the insurance company and their silly doctors. Silly people, silly silly.