Sunday, March 26, 2006

I find myself talking at a million miles an hour today. I'm very tired. Sleeping on planes, especially in the middle seat, is not heaps effective. But thats ok. I'm excited. And I went snorkeling! WOW. My God is so BIG so STRONG and so MIGHTY theres nothing my God cannot do.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

rightio. Let's go to indonesia tomorrow.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Just found out yesterday that a friend from school committed suicide. It's so weird. So sad. But I'm really not sure how to feel. Since I haven't been friends with her since we left school, and we weren't close all that often at school either, I'm not sure if I should be sad. But it is so sad. I'm finding it interesting how this has made people think so much about their own mortality. It seems her death is being used as a reminder that we all aren't going to make it to our reunion. I'm sure thats a natural response aswell, but I think its so horrible that someone we knew felt so alone and hopeless that she took her own life, and thats its too late for any of us to do anything about it. Death is so harshly final.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

who runs out of petrol TWICE in one week?????

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tafe. Boring. Especially wednesdays. But fun tafe friend. She's awesome. Enjoying that. But class - ergh yuk. Managing finance particuarly. A whole hour and a half on writing deposit slips. C'mon!
Today is the first day my head is not pounding. Last week I had to stay home from work slowly moving around the house attempting to lessen ouch and dizziness- stupid head. But today, finally the 5 day headache is going.
One more whinge - my car, very crashed. Only 2 pannels left without dents now. Poor car. I'm really not that bad a driver. The last 2 weren't my fault, and there the big ones. It really looks like a dodgim car now!
But my goodness I have the cleanest room! I spent a really good portion of yesterday cleaning my room. Always such a big job cause I let it get so bad. But love love love having space and not so much junk. Very theraputic throwing huge amounts of stuff out.
MTV is quality. Actually probably not heaps. I'm really into all those MTZ documentries like true life and made and making the band, but punk'd and inferno and wild boyz very boring.