Sunday, September 25, 2005

I have had an absolutely fabulous weekend. Full of mishaps, but mishaps are fun... Here's a list.

Left an hour later then planned (not a big surprise)
Missed the exit on the freeway - we seriously drove a long way past
Tyre blew up
didn't have tool to change tyre
Arrived at friends place at 11, instead of 8
Drove past the street the bushwalk we wanted to take was down 2 or 3 times
Saw Sin city at govindas
Caught a bus home from the city and the bus driver was lost

Sin City makes the list cause it was just a silly movie. I didn't get it at all. Maybe there was some very clever and artistic meaning behind it, but to me it just look like bad dialogue and a lot of killing.

And the bus driver on the way home was incredibly lost. I have never seen a bus reverse up a whole street. So lost. A bunch of teenage drunk boys jumped onto the bus at one point and he asked them for directions.

I would like to publicly acknowledge our hero Michael. He stopped on the freeway and lent us the tool to change our tyre with. I have a new found faith in humanity. That was very nice and meant we were only on the side of the road for half an hour were it could have been many hours.

Seriously the funnest weekend. The continuing mishaps made it all the more funner. I'd like to take more 24 hour holidays in the future.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

lavender wheat heat packs are amazing. I'm pretty sure I need a chiro or osteo or physio, depending on your preference and beliefs, but the heat pack is way good for now.
what else is good?

...going on suprise 24 hour holidays are good, sleeping, the sunshine - a am very much a fan of this sunshine thing thats happening at the moment, many 21sts, housesitting, getting paid to drink copeus amounts of soy mochas, old old photographs - like black and white of family that people get the stories about mixed up there so old, colourful paper, NCIS and law and order, drying your clothes in the dryer, new sheets, staying on toms link list....

I write that and although I would like to stay on Tom's link lists, I just don't know what I have to blog about anymore. I work, I sleep, I run around, sometimes I see Sam, sometimetimes I see some friends, but most of the time its just not very exciting. I noticed the other day, that I see one of our clients/service users (however politicaly correct you would like to be), that I see this person more than I see Kara or Sam or my mum or James. That's a little silly. Work it a bit too much my life right now. This does generally happen around school holiday time, and there is always the delicate balance that I won't have enough work one day. You never know, they might fill all the positions I've been covering.

The thing that makes me care not so much about that, is that I am going to go back and finish my tafe diploma next year and then go onto uni and do a social work degree. Done and very decided.

nothing really blogworthy though... I'll try again soon.