Thursday, February 16, 2006

A friend was in manly a few weeks ago, he had saved up to go on a holiday with mates the next week. He was getting cash out of an ATM in the corso, and a girl stopped to chat. She asked him to come to a pub for a drink. Next thing he remembers, is waking up on his lawn the next morning feeling sicker than ever. So sick he almost went to the hospital. He can't remember a thing about the night before after going into the pub with this girl. Next week, on holidays, he goes to the ATM to get some of the money he'd be saving up for his trip, and his bank account is completely empty. I bet he wasn't expecting that! They're pretty sure what happened was that she put something in his drink, probably that date rape drug (rehipnol or whatever it is?). I've never heard of a robbery like that. Poor dude.